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  • i didn't want to derail the thread so i'm leaving this here instead

    basically i think "its an rpg made in japan so its a jrpg" is a bit simplistic. genres arent *really* defined by one or two gameplay mechanics, its really much moreso about the REASONS why you play, the emotions it inspires, etc. extra credits explains this better than i could, but essentially the appeal of dark souls is entirely different from a jrpg, so i dont really consider it one. it is a bit arbitrary/anal to care THAT much about classification, but its not entirely a dumb distinction given that jrpg and wrpg are essentially two separate genres. notice that its the only time where a genre is given a separate label due to the place where it's made. we dont talk about "american platformers" or "japanese platformers" as if they're somehow fundamentally different depending on where they're made, just for an example.
    He really wasn't in that movie, thats a shame. I could of sworn I saw his name somewhere in the credits.guest just as director
    God dammit. I knew it. I KNEW IT. I'm okay with him being Ocelot. He sounds very different, and it's actually a mix between his old and young voice. Pretty neat stuff.
    Just post it in STID. Star Trek gen discussion won't ever pick up on here, so it's better to just talk about it in a related thread. xD
    Ahh, right. I don't know, here they're probably trying to save money that way.

    Haha stupid me. I meant the old games that I've bought like months ago. So I definitely am interested in getting the platinum in Fallout 3 por ejemplo. c: Yeah, school takes a lot of time... I'll start working this weekend so I'll be having school assignments AND work at the same time, yay. But at least I'll get some munny. Yeaahhh I've been thinking about doing that but need to pick a Saturday to sacrifice as I don't think I'd be done in 2-3h. :x
    Ah, alright. I guess there are almost 10 000 students in our school but they're divided to different campuses so. Our class size is around 40 usually.

    I know I should. I'm just a pansy haha and not prepared to go through that pain. Yeah I've seen the trailers for Dark Souls II. Seems so cool *u* Well yeah, I'm playing some "new" games as well, such as Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 so not really interested in getting the platinums in older games. And as I don't like playing multiplayer modes, games that require multiplayer trophies to get the platinum are instantly out for me. That sounds ... really tedious. Ugh, like that trophy in LA Noire where you have to drive all the cars in the game and there are over 100 of them. And finding the last 5 is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. ._.
    That sounds nice though. I hope you enjoy your time there. c: How many students are there in your new school? Just asking out of interest because well, colleges/unis are huge in America compared to Finnish unis.

    Haha I see, well that explains but yeah, sounds awesome. c: I've got school only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays so technically I should have time to play but for some reason I don't. Should really start that Dark Souls (still haven't. . . ?3`) but eehh. Oh you earning some platinum trophies. `3? I'm so close getting the platinum in LA Noire but just too lazy to actually get the last trophies because it's just so tedious.
    Oh right 8D I remember we talked about this like ... well ages ago but it's cool that it's finally happening. Yeah well, changing from one uni to another, like I did last January is pretty difficult. Well not really per se but all the paperwork and credit transferring are pains in the butt. Like in my case, it's supposed to be the same school but just in a different city but the academic advisor says nope. So yeah, sort of have to start all over again but whatev. c: I mean I get some credits transferred but not all of them... so I just have a somewhat easier schedule than the rest of my class but I'll probs graduate at the same time. Which is lame but it is what it is.

    I haven't had time to play video games which sucks. D: And when I do have time I don't feel like playing. I'd probably need to find a game that would hook me as badly as Skyrim or something. What have you been playing lately? *u*
    Haaiii *u*~
    I've been very busy. D: (lol as you can see, answering like more than 3 weeks late xD) But otherwise I've been good. C: Nothing special haha. How have you been? c:
    rofl since when were you such a troll? xD

    sorry, had to delete your post in this thread. got some complaints.
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