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Danica Syer
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  • Hey I no it's a little to late to catch up but i wish all th eluck to you and miss my chatty buddy hope the world of your experiences going forward
    I hope your well kiddo, and I hope the friendship issues rested peacefully. The idea is currently solo, but hopefully collab it will soon be XD. hat else has been going on.
    Random responses are my speciality, you're good here lol
    Film photography is basically "old school" photography, the camera isn't digital, it works with manual setting and captures the light on a photo film, here, have the randomest pic suggesting this artistic activity and I'm sure it'll refresh your memory :3
    I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter, even though I watched all movies and enjoyed them, but I think I can agree anyway lol it's best to keep away from too much info on a game you wanna play, this way you'll still keep the curiosity and hype in "pure" state xD So I see you are familiar with what the game offers, which is good for me, now I don't have to tell more on it and perhaps accidentaly spoil something, that would be awful!
    Well, perhaps the forums will go empty after KH3 releases and discussions are consumed, many older users stay just for KH3, but after that, the forums will change completely, I'm sure... but you enjoying gaming on your future console shouldn't be affected by some internet forums with random dudes around >:'O
    Yes, I'm European, yeah the university/college word difference, also the educational system differences cause a lot of confusion usually as in terminology.
    I'm a big fan of the Pokemon games, I played FireRed/LeafGreen, Sapphire and Emerald, Pearl and Platinum, Black and Black2, a bit of SoulSilver (but I stopped since it's working really badly on emulator and I can't find a physical copy to buy HeartGold ahhh), and tried the demos for the Gen III remakes and Sun/Moon. I still have to play Y and Sun/Ultra Sun one day T w T
    Congrats on getting your driver license! I encourage you to overcome your fear, me too I have a license but I am not fond of driving so I avoid it, which is bad actually, it makes me forget how to drive :< I'll have to re-learn in the future
    I pretty much commented on the threads regarding those, but in short, I liked the trailer for the short cutscenes reveals and I love the box art, it'll be great to have it on the physical copy of the game T w T
    I'd like to keep my name private, hope it's understandable (sorry) You can call me DGH or Grey or DarkGrey as people around here usually do
    It's been months T w T
    I graduated visual arts - graphics, basically illustration, comics, printmaking, graphic design, stuff like this. I also love doing film photography
    He is a perfect young Peter indeed ; w ; but you know who else is a perfect Peter????? THE PETER IN THE PS4 GAME, yes I can confirm that he feels perfect, he's ridiculously charismatic and talkative and not to mention his in-game model is so freaking hot too :>>>> the gameplay feels really good, the web swinging is smooth and perfect, the soundtrack so far is also surprisingly remarkable and awesome, I love this game for so many MANYYY reasons so far it would take an hour to list everything, really ; w ; I can only recommend it! I hope you'll eventually get a PS4 and enjoy the game for yourself too, let's hope for the best! <3
    Uni year here begins in October, right on the first day actually lol until then I'll have time to spend with my childhood superhero crush :>
    how about you? how's things? :D
    And this is a few months late my bad T3T. Things have been well hopefully on your end as well? Mainly retrying rping, and working on a small game design story project.
    Oh gosh, a whole month late reply on my side, I apologize!
    These months I was crazy busy - I finished art uni and had a lot to work on for other stuff too. Most things are done by now, but I enter true vacation only at the end of July x w x
    now why yes, Spidey, the cure of everything, the solution of all, the character in itself and also Tom's portrayal, frankly I am still blown-away and it's been only a year since Homecoming xD
    and yes, I preordered dat orgasmic-looking Spidey PS4 game, the thirst is e x t r e m e
    that's it for today's fangirling reply xD
    I am in the Air Force XD so that's a full time job as you can imagine. Not much college at the moment. Doing a lot of writing, but nothing amazing.
    Been forever, huh? I hope you been doing well, Candy! Maybe if by some odd chance we are on at the same time, we can catch up. Who else am I going to ramble on about Disney and random shenanigans with? x) ♥
    Ack! I'm really sorry; I come back here and then life gets in the way and stuff like this happens where I don't reply to anything for over a month! I'm so sorry!

    Oooo, Wreck-It Ralph? :D I loved Wreck-It Ralph!!! (Although I was really disappointed by the lack of KH references- it's a Disney game!) I'm writing a couple of different KH multichapter fanfics, but I don't want to post any of them unless I have a significant amount written and I have no idea when/if that'll happen.
    hey hey guess what I came online just to send you this message now I'm going to disappear for some amount of time c':
    omg ;A;

    you're too nice <33333333333 thank you so much!

    and we're so glad to hear that you love the news!
    Hey there, sorry for the delayed reply! Unortunately, I don't think I remember you. People change their usernames constantly so it's kinda hard for me to keep remembering everyone haha! Not sure if you changed yours though... lol
    I have like 5 different fanfictions/stories going on. Its so bad, haha. What are yours about? Mine are mostly Young Justice things.

    Haha, I wish I graduated already! but thanks for all the well-wishes.
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