• Hello everybody! We have tons of new awards for the new year that can be requested through our Awards System thanks to Antifa Lockhart! Some are limited-time awards so go claim them before they are gone forever...


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  • Oh, nice! :) The game is definitely a lot of fun. ^_^ Are you that on that's at the top of the list? I am in your guilt help a lot. xD
    Ah, oh. I guess that makes sense? xD I guess I'll know for sure once the event ends and I see if it's in my prize box. I'm not too worried either way though. :p
    Ah, okay. I did do that after first completing them, though after trying again I no longer see the pop-up message, but it doesn't lead me to the Nicotto website either. :eek:
    Hi Zeke! Thanks for the remark, first of all.

    I have thought of something like 'cardholder number plus', too, haha! Yeah, then I went to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and I saw they use 'capacity', so I followed. There isn't an official name, so it depends on what most of us think. Would you mind if I bring this up for a discussion?
    By all means, go right ahead! I only provided the links so everyone could easily access some base stock. It's not a requirement.
    Activity used to be like this all the time several years ago. It would be very nice if we could go back to those days.

    I'm sorry you didn't get a position. I'll be watching the game and the section intently to see if there will be another opportunity to expand the KHx staff team though! The goal of the team is to provide more content for everyone and to attract new players, so hopefully we can do that and invite more people to play with us!
    Someone in the KHx section will eventually nominate you for that award, I know it!

    And it's all thanks to you guys, really xD I was really surprised to see how excited everyone has been during this giveaway. Actually, someone in that giveaway thread had suggested it, though I can't remember who at this moment.
    Did that with GIMP and I don't even remember how long it took, haha. Thank you! :D
    Without PS extracting the picture from the card is really tedious. I'm not doing the other C&D now, haha.
    LOL. Of course! I made this with the intention to make other people have a heart attack. XD
    That's good to hear at least.

    Is it about the person? :( I hope you're not letting it bother you too much.
    I legit just noticed right now, but congratulations on making it to bronze! How does it feel to finally be able to change your user title? :D
    Ohyeah! New DLC, I think I saw Nina from Breath of Fire series there!! D: Dammit, I'd buy it, but only if it was on PS4, don't wanna have a useless piece of Xone laying around collecting dust >__>
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