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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Wonderland is a curious, peculiar world where things are rarely as they seem, and even the most mundane of objects come to life in exciting new ways. It is the second world Sora traveled to since leaving the islands he grew up on, and nothing could prepare him for the oddities that waited.

The party's journey began with them trying to follow a clock-carrying white rabbit that seemed to be in an awful hurry. In order to track him down, they had to fit into a tiny doorway, guarded by, to their surprise, a speaking doorknob. The doorknob explained that in order to pass, they must become small and pointed them in the direction of two magical potions. One sip was enough to shrink the part, allowing them to continue.

They reached the royal court of that world's sovereign, the Queen of Hearts. The Queen had no time for them as she was in the middle of conducting a trial for a young girl called Alice. She was put on trial for the charges of attempting to steal the Queen's Heart, while it was obvious the Heartless were the true culprits. As such, it was no longer meddling in the affairs of other worlds so much as fulfilling their duty, and the trio set out to prove who's truly to blame - otherwise it was off with all their heads!

They began their search in the Lotus Forest where they met the Cheshire Cat, a peculiar fellow who could change his body's visibility at will. Albeit in riddles, he pointed Sora in the right direction on his quest for proof of Alice's innocence.

Before long, all the necessary evidence was collected and displayed before the Queen. As Sora went against the Queen's wishes, however, they're all found guilty and the Queen's loyal Card Soldiers attempted to seize them.

In the midst of the battle, Alice went missing from her cage. Sora, Donald and Goofy are to find her as well as the kidnapper. The Cheshire cat helped in his unique manner again, implying that due to the Heartless, the world has been twisted. Despite up being down and right-side being up at times, the group still managed to find the Heartless' leader on that world and do away with it.

All the commotion woke the doorknob from its nap up. In the middle of a long yawn a Keyhole shone from within its mouth, and Sora's Keyblade responded immediately, locking it. Alice, however, was no longer to be found in Wonderland. Hoping she might be in another world, the trio left on their Gummi Ship.

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