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Deep Jungle

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Tarzan (1999)

The next world in the party's journey was Deep Jungle, a world composed mostly of jungle terrains and some abandoned, wooden structures. It's hard saying the party reached this jungle world under the best of circumstances. Unimpressed by the seemingly primitive world, Donald refused to waste even a minute exploring. Eager to find any sort of lead as to Riku and Kairi's whereabouts, Sora on his part insisted they departed from their ship and took a look around. This escalated into a struggle inside the Gummi ship which resulted in the party crash landing. When they finally came to, they found themselves separated with Donald and Goofy still together but Sora all on his own.

Despite there being no Heartless around, there were wild beasts prowling about. Sora was attacked by Sabor, a ferocious leopard who was more than interested in a red-clad meal. Thanks to the Keyblade, Sora managed to fend Sabor off long enough for a savior to appear and scare the animal away. His name was Tarzan, and unfortunately, he didn't speak Sora's language in full. He understood what "Friends" meant, and the bitter Sora refrained from asking about Donald and Goofy. Instead, he asked Tarzan about Riku and Kairi before a vision of the girl herself appeared not far behind Tarzan. She faded as soon as she appeared, leaving Sora to follow Tarzan, seeing how he claimed Sora's friends were 'here'.

Tarzan guided Sora to a camp set up by a young woman called Jane and a hunter, Clayton. It was there Sora met Donald and Goofy again, who were saved by Clayton. The strenuous atmosphere continued even when Donald and Goofy showed Sora a peculiar Gummi block they found while wondering about. This meant the King might be there, and so they let each other tag along while searching.

In order to bridge the language gap and receive more help from Tarzan, Jane showed him slides to demonstrate her words' meaning. Tarzan seemed lost and Clayton pressed Tarzan. Both he and Jane have been in the jungle for a good while but never saw any one of the party's missing friends. As such, if they were truly in the jungle, they could only be in the one place neither Jane nor Clayton have been to - the gorillas' nesting grounds. Wanting nothing more than to help, Tarzan agreed to go speak to Kerchak, the gorillas' leader about granting Sora access to the nesting grounds.

Despite receiving an audience with Kerchak, Tarzan's request was denied. He couldn't trust humans and was proved right when the party barely managed to stop Clayton from hunting Terk, a young gorilla.

Back in camp, Jane was enraged. Clayton was ordered not to go near the gorillas again, but it was obvious he won't listen to Jane's orders. He vanished soon afterward, leaving the party to go hunt for him before he hunts Tarzan's family. There was more than just Clayton waiting for them outside the camp, however, as with Clayton's greed and rage getting out of control, the Heartless began gathering, attacking the gorillas in Clayton's stead.

After saving the gorillas, the party was attacked again by Sabor. The battle left the group incapable of saving Jane and Terk in time, and the two were kidnapped by Clayton.

The party managed to find and save them, but it was a mere distraction. Using the Heartless, Clayton gathered all the gorillas on the other end of the jungle! At the very last minute Sora managed to cry out, stopping Clayton from shooting Kerchak. Not satisfied, Clayton pointed his gun at Sora instead. Despite maintaining his human appearance, Clayton's Heart already became a Heartless. Now more than ever, Sora was left with no choice but to take the man down.

Finally moved by Sora's efforts, Kerchak showed Sora the gorillas' nesting grounds. None of their missing friends were anywhere to be found, and Sora knows why. The 'here' Tarzan spoke of wasn't his world, but rather Sora's Heart.

There were thankfully some spoils to write home about at the end of the day, however, being Sora and Donald finally made up, and the journey to the nesting grounds brought them to the Keyhole of that world, letting Sora lock it.

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