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Japanese Release Date - March 28 2002
North American Release Date - September 17 2002
PAL Release Date - November 15 2002
System - Playstation 2

Sora, Riku, and Kairi had always dreamed of the outside world. On a beach in the Destiny Islands, the three friends began building a raft.

One day, a stranger in a brown robe confronted Sora and told him, “This world has been connected.” That night, the islands were hit by a storm and engulfed in darkness. Sora found himself in possession of a mysterious key–shaped sword called a “Keyblade,” and was separated from Riku and Kairi.

Other worlds had met the same fate, and more would.

Meanwhile, the king of Disney Castle had gone missing. His closest subjects, Donald and Goofy, set off to find someone with a “key,” just as their liege’s farewell letter had instructed.

Sora had awoken in a place called Traverse Town, and it was there he learned what was expected of a Keyblade wielder. He joined forces with Donald and Goofy, and the trio continued their search for Riku, Kairi, and King Mickey.

Each world they visited had revealed a “Keyhole” which lead to the heart of each world, and creatures called “Heartless” – manifestations of the darkness within us – were trying to get at it. With the keyblade in hand, Sora took down the Heartless and locked the Keyholes.

Manipulating the Heartless were Maleficent and her league of villains. Maleficent had tricked Riku into helping her gather the pure hearts of seven princesses who would grant her dominion over all worlds.

By the time Sora caught up with Riku in Hollow Bastion, his friend had succumbed to darkness. But a good thrashing only made things worse; the defeated Riku was possessed by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.

Sora defeated Maleficent and found himself face–to–face with this greater threat. Ansem was trying to complete the Keyhole to a doorway that led to the heart of all worlds: “Kingdom Hearts.”

After discovering Kairi’s heart was inside him, Sora tried to release her and turned into a Heartless, but the light in Kairi’s heart changed him back.

Sora knew he had to close the final Keyhole. As a parting gift, Kairi gave him a good luck charm made of thalassa shells to ensure a safe voyage. Sora promised he would return it someday, then set off.

He followed Ansem all the way to the heart of the darkness that had swallowed the worlds, and defeated him. But Kingdom Hearts had already been opened.

Sora was able to close the door again with the help of Riku and King Mickey, who stayed trapped in the realm of darkness on the other side. Sora decided not to return to his home world, and began a new journey with Donald and Goofy to find Riku and the king.

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