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Final Mix

New threats can be found in KINGDOM HEARTS II Final Mix! Sora has to keep his guard up with these enemies; while they may look like familiar Heartless, they've got a whole bunch of new tricks up their sleeves.

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Spring Metal


To make up for its lack of movement, it uses many moves to draw Sora, Donald and Goofy towards itself. If left alone, the battle will become troublesome, so if it should appear, focus on this first. Magic isn't very effective against it, so bash it with the Keyblade!

Air Viking


Because it attacks so quickly, there is hardly any time in which this Heartless's guard is down. By using attacks like Magic, halt it in its tracks. Its chain of kicks it lets out is when it's most susceptible to damage. Counter with a Reaction Command!

Magic Phantom


A two-faced Heartless. When floating, the Keyblade poses no threat to it. However, its magic attacks can be reflected. If those hit, this Heartless will stop floating, allowing for attacks to hit.



This Heartless will confuse Sora with its rapid movement. Use the Reaction Command "Bat Battery" to attack this and surrounding enemies. Note that Blizzard-based Magic has no effect on this Heartless.

Rune Master


An incredible magician Heartless with much magic power. It uses 3 powerful elemental Magics. It also uses its book as a shield, so when attacking using the Keyblade, be sure to time it.

Iron Hammer


A Heartless that, while jumping, will use a spin attack. Be careful of the shockwave resulting from it bashing the ground. This Heartless is open to attacks right before it strikes.

Mad Bumper


Due to its extremely heavy body, hitting it away won't cause it to fly away. When its attacks are interrupted or guarded, it will become frustrated and enter a berserker state. Fire-based Magic don't damage it at all. Its weakness is, however, Blizzard-based Magic.

Silent Launcher


It will carefully view the enemy before opening fire. This Heartless will fire at your weakened allies, so be cautious. Fire and Thunder based Magic don't seem to have much of an effect on it.



A Heartless that finds itself never stopping and always moving. It will use a spin attack to startle Sora and then attack with a powerful bolt of lightning. Note that Thunder-based Magic doesn't work.

Lance Warrior


This Heartless's body and spear don't seem to get along very well, leaving it open for many attacks. Note that its piercing attack will send Sora flying. The Reaction Command "Lance Tug" can be used against it.



A Heartless with the ability to become invisible. Although Lock-On doesn't work when this enemy is invisible, if a hit is landed, then it won't be able to disappear for a little while. When it's in its mask form, no attacks have any effect on it. After attacking, its guard is down, so focus when fighting this Heartless.

Aerial Champ


If it chooses a prey, it won't ever let it run. It will stop in the air to punch its target repeatedly. This Heartless punches in three different ways, but it gives signs as to which punch will be used. Learn the patterns and strike accordingly.

Mushroom XIII


No. 1
A Heartless that moves quickly and deals sharp attacks. It's the strongest of its group.

Hit it to get points! Time it so if it uses Reversal, you can use Reversal yourself to make a big opening!

No. 2
An aggressive Heartless that spreads shots of magic in succession.

Dodge its shots to earn points! Aim for even higher points by reflecting its shots!

No. 3
A clumsy Heartless that drops valuable prizes here and there.

Pursue it to pick up its prizes. Because it's rushing, it'll occasionally drop lots of prizes.

No. 4
A Heartless that enjoys chasing Sora. Enjoys playing tag.

It will continue to summon allies to chase Sora. Don't get caught in its attacks and defeat them one by one.

No. 5
A tough Heartless that restores health when sleeping.

Bash it hard and don't lose to how quickly it heals itself.

No. 6
A Heartless that summons doppelgangers and has them attack using different formations.

Tell one formation from another and defeat this one quickly!

No. 7
A very dangerous Heartless that's always raging.

Approaching it will cause it to knock you away. Attack it from a distance using magic to defeat it.

No. 8
A Heartless that sits on the ground, waiting to be pulled right out.

If pulled out, continue attacking it. Don't let it touch the ground!

No. 9
A Heartless that will start spinning if hit. Enjoys dancing.

Attack it relentlessly to keep it from stopping.

No. 10
Summons frauds to attack Sora.

If you find the real one, attack it at once.

No. 11
A Heartless that's being bugged by numbers pursuing it.

Attack it to lower the number. The key is to make it 0 as quickly as possible.

No. 12
Warps to various locations and ridicules Sora.

Use long ranged magic attacks or lock on to it in order to defeat it.

No. 13
A mysterious Heartless that appeared with a divine light.

After seeing proof that the rest of its group had been defeated, it entrusted to Sora a treasure spoken of for generations.

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