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The Nobodies are a mysterious beings that are created out of the leftover shells of former strong-hearted individuals who've since lost their hearts to the darkness. They are able to think and plan accordingly to make them a force to be reckoned with.

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It is difficult to read this creature's next move, so catch it off guard with a Reversal to stop its actions. A series of attacks and Reversals can also look cool in battle!

Note: It lets its guard down when its attack is parried. This is also true for all Nobodies.



The weakest of the Nobodies. It takes on various shapes, making it difficult to read its next move.

When it is paired with Dusks, use Reversal to stop its movements before attacking.



A dragoon. A high-ranking Nobody. When a ball of light appears after parrying its attacks, use Learn. Time it accurately, to use Jump to attack.

Learn can be used as often as possible, so a series of Jump attacks is one strategy option.



An assassin. A high-ranking Nobody. It hides in the ground and attacks quietly from behind.

It cannot be attacked while it is in the ground. Parry its attacks to get it to surface.

When it starts running around, look out! It'll begin to unleash powerful attacks. Don't miss any chances to use the reaction commands to defeat as many as possible at once!



A samurai. A high-ranking Nobody. Using swords and their sheaths as weapons, it can handle up to four weapons at a time. It attacks with calmness and efficiency.

Make sure not to lose sight of it once it hides beneath the ground. After parrying its attack, it sits and waits, giving an opportunity to use reaction commands.

Fight one-on-one while the others sit back and watch.



A sniper. A high-ranking Nobody. It is very agile as it moves around defying gravity. Use magic to stop its movements for an easier battle.

It attacks using arrows of light. Ward them off with Warp Snipe. Use this in succession for victory!



A dancer. A high-ranking Nobody. It skates around the ground and quickly moves away when approached. Wait for the end of its attack to retaliate. When it approaches with a low posture, look out!

If cornered, it retaliates with its buddies with kicks and other attacks. Fight carefully when outnumbered.



A berserker. A high-ranking Nobody. Its attacks are hard to read as it is dragged around by a cursed hammer.

Attacks from the front will only be parried by its hammer. Knock it down to make it let go of the hammer. Then pick up the hammer to unleash a flurry of attacks with Berserk.



A gambler. A high-ranking Nobody. It doesn't seem to like fighting, and just floats around aimlessly.

Use the reaction command when it attacks with cards and dice, and let the games begin!

Don't lose, for something terrible happens. Win for a chance to attack - and maybe even for a little something extra!



A sorcerer. A high-ranking Nobody. Immune to magic, it attacks with invulnerable cubes.

Watch out for the cubes while attacking the main body. The cubes disappear when the body is defeated.

Twilight Thorn


A giant Nobody who Roxas fought at the Station of Awakening.

Although it tried to capture Roxas with its thorns, it was overpowered and defeated by the strength of the Keyblade master.

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