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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
 Alice in Wonderland (1951)

The group don't know why Heartless have invaded the castle since its Cornerstone of Light protects it from darkness, but the journal may hold the answer: two new messages have appeared - one is "There are more hurts than the one you have just undone" and the other is "Undo the hurt to unbar the way". The first message is familiar and seems to appear after the restoration of worlds, but the second one indicates that the data inside Jiminy's journal must be repaired. Donald is worried about the castle but King Mickey says that they must focus on the journal: Sora, who has just come from Traverse Town, is shown to have arrived in a new world - Wonderland.

Wonderland is overrun by Bugs and Mickey deducts that like the previous worlds, Wonderland will heal if the Keyhole is found and the source of corruption - which lies behind it - is destroyed. Just as he says that, Alice, who is being chased by Heartless, runs into Sora, who then destroys the beasts. Alice thanks Sora and Sora tells her his name, but she can't remember who she is at which time the Cheshire Cat appears on a Bug. He says that Alice has completely lost her memory and that because Bugs are scattered everywhere, so are memories. Sora assumes that everyone has lost their memories and in order to regain them, he must find the Keyhole, which Alice says she has seen but can't remember where. To get the memories back, Sora has to "hand over 'inklings'" which are memories in the form of words.

The Memory Words are spread out all over the map "in blocks and in hands", as the Cheshire Cat tells Sora, so he starts by finding one of Alice's Memory Words which is her name. After returning it, she still can't remember where the Keyhole is but the cat tells Sora that if he returns them all to her, she will be able to tell him. The Hooded Unknown appears, saying that if Sora does so he will "lessen the torment". After going on to tell Sora that the world is hurt and healing its wounds will "open a path", he disappears, leaving Sora to continue his task. The task takes Sora through the Labyrinth Garden, the Lotus Forest, the Maze Path, the Tea Party, and the Wonder Room where there are obstacles he must overcome to get Words, several of which are Area Debug Modes. After attaining all the important memories, Sora goes back to Alice at the Central Plaza and she questions him; after giving her the right memories, Alice takes Sora to the Queen of Hearts' castle where she says she saw the Keyhole. However, the Hooded Unknown is shown watching the two, saying "The truth lies through the Keyhole. And with it, true memories..."

The Queen is shocked at their appearance and accuses them of stealing her memories; she orders her guards to arrest them. After seeing the Keyhole in a cage next to the Queen, Sora decides to fight through the guards and Alice runs away. He does so successfully and goes through the Keyhole into a void that is a version of Wonderland corrupted faintly by red and black colours; it is the doing of a huge Heartless named Trick Master. After defeating the Heartless, everyone in Wonderland gets back their memories, and the Bugs have completely disappeared; another "There are more hurts than the one you have just undone" appears in the journal. However, the group at Disney Castle are still trapped in the Computer Room, and on the screen, they see Sora accusing the Hooded Unknown of causing the Bugs in the journal. The Unknown merely says that memories and truth are connected to the worlds and that it is time for Sora to learn the truth, before walking away; Sora follows him on Mickey's orders. The group are pondering the Unknown's identity when they hear a thump on the door, and suddenly, Data Sora comes through it. Shocked and surprised, neither Sora nor the group know why he has suddenly appeared in the real world. However, things take a turn for the worst as the Hooded Unknown suddenly appears in the room. What will happen next?

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