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Destiny Islands

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)

King Mickey, Jiminy Cricket, Donald Duck and Goofy return to Disney Castle after their adventures with Sora and Riku, whose events Jiminy has recorded in two separate journals. After returning, he browses through the journals to find that the contents of the first journal have been completely erased apart from two lines: "Thank Naminé" and "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." The first message was written by Jiminy himself after the events of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, so that he, Sora and company would remember to thank Naminé for all of her efforts during the game. However, nobody at the castle is able to recall when or why the second entry was written, so Mickey sets about digitizing the contents of the journal to look into the problem, but as soon as he does, he is confronted by black and red blocks known as "Bugs" which are corrupting the data of the journal worlds. Knowing that the only way to progress is to clear the Bugs, Mickey asks Data Sora from the journal to venture through it and fix the problem.

Data Sora awakens in Destati, and hears a disembodied voice that is Mickey talking to him from the outside world. Mickey asks him to select one of three weapons: a sword, a staff or a shield - after he does so, he is asked to give up a remaining weapon and its attributes. This decision gives Sora the ability to move freely around the worlds of the journal, enabling him to fix the problem with the data as the onlookers from the outside discover; however, problems soon arise as a mysterious message appears in the journal, with no apparent author. When the others ask what the message says, Mickey only says, "We must return..." The clue to the message may lie in the sudden appearance of a hooded man in Sora's Destati, who says nothing but disappears, leaving behind a path to another platform. Thinking the Hooded Unknown suspicious, Mickey orders Sora to follow him. On the next platform, Sora is surrounded by Shadow Heartless. Fortunately, the Keyblade makes a sudden appearance in his hands and he defeats them, revealing a door that ends his Destati.

The door leads to the journalized Destiny Islands, which is covered in Bugs; Sora is confused by this since he has never seen them on the islands before, but Mickey tells him that they are a problem and that they need to be removed, and that should Sora have dilemmas, all he need do is ask and he will be helped. Sora asks his friends Tidus, Wakka and Selphie, who are playing on the island, about them. Selphie and Wakka tell Sora to destroy the Bugs, while Tidus, after a fight, tells Sora that while he was inspecting the Bugs, he saw the strange, hooded man. He goes on to say that he thinks the Hooded Unknown may have some connection to the Bugs, and that he was seen near the waterfall, which Sora goes to investigate. As soon as he does, the screen starts to shake and he is trapped in a grid of red and black blocks by invisible walls; Area Debug Mode has been activated.

After debugging the area, Sora continues searching for the Hooded Unknown, which takes him to the Secret Spot. At first he sees nobody but a mysterious voice says, "There's a road for the taking if you end our world's aching." The entire place is filled with a bright light that extends to the outside world where Mickey and co. are watching and the words that were spoken by the mysterious voice appear in the journal. Back in the journal, the Hooded Unknown appears before Sora and tells him that if he wishes to heal the world, he must go beyond the Keyhole. He disappears and in his place is a golden keyhole, which Mickey tells Sora to use his Keyblade on - as soon as he does, Sora is taken to a singular island with a dark sky, in which there is a red hole surrounded by darkness and debris; Mickey says that it is probably the cause of the islands' corruption and that if Sora fixes it, the islands will probably go back to normal. A digitized giant Heartless - Darkside - then appears, and after Sora defeats it, it is sucked into the hole along with Sora, which takes Sora off the radar. Another message appears in the journal - "There are more hurts than the one you have just undone." - and Riku is shown on the screen with a man in a brown coat, a dark portal open behind him. After the scene, Jiminy panics; he says that after fixing the Bugs in the world, everything that was lost from the journal should return, but it doesn't - they are seeing something he has never written. The good news is that the Bugs on Destiny Islands have disappeared completely, and that Sora is relocated in Traverse Town.

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