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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
 Aladdin (1992)

After Pete's sudden appearance at Olympus Coliseum, the group at Disney Castle continues to watch Pete and Sora on the screen in the Computer Room in shock. Pete says that he entered from the outside world and then runs off with Sora hot on his trail, taking Sora to a new world, Agrabah. Upon arrival at the Plaza, Sora looses Pete but he sees Bugs all around him and talks to the locals for more information. He sees The Peddler - a shifty man always up for business - who says that since the appearance of the Bugs and Heartless, business has been bad. Sora destroys some Bugs and makes his way to the Palace Gates, destroying Bugs and Heartless in smaller sections of the city on his way there.

At the Palace Gates, Sora meets Aladdin who is checking up on the Palace since he is worried about the Bugs' and Heartless' appearance. Sora destroys the Bugs littering the Palace Gates; he is about to leave when Aladdin calls him back, saying that he needs help finding his friend Jasmine for whom he has something. Sora agrees to look in the city for her but as soon as he steps out from the Palace Gates area, he hears a voice and turns to see Jasmine facing-off against the High Vizier Jafar in an alleyway. Jafar is about to attack Jasmine when Sora intervenes, enraging Jafar whom Sora must defeat. After his defeat, Jafar retreats and Jasmine relays the tale of why Jafar is after her: the story is that Pete made a fake wishing lamp - a copy of the real wishing lamp - from the corruption of the worlds; Jafar greedily took it and his first wish - the ability to eliminate all who oppose him - was granted. Sora learns that Jasmine is a princess, so in order to rule over Agrabah, Jafar wants her at his side. Jasmine then reveals that Jafar has been keeping her father in the dark about something and Aladdin promised to do something about it before going off to retrieve something; Sora suggests they meet Aladdin and Jasmine agrees.

The pair meets Aladdin at the Plaza who has the lamp to stop Jafar. Jafar appears, capturing Jasmine and claiming that the lamp gives him special powers; with them, he casts a spell over the city that stops time, before running off. However, Sora isn't affected because he isn't from that world, and suddenly Iago - Jafar's parrot who isn't under the spell - swoops from the sky and snatches Aladdin's lamp which was dropped; Sora sets off after him. After a long chase, Sora catches Iago and when he retrieves the lamp, Genie appears! Grateful for being let-out, Genie grants Sora three wishes; the first one is to restore the city and to take him to Jafar who is entering the Cave of Wonders when Sora stops him. Sora demands to know about Jasmine's location, but Jafar says only he himself knows and makes his second wish with his copied lamp which causes the tiger head to attack Sora, entering an Area Debug Mode.

After defeating the tiger head, Sora and Genie enter the Cave and finally find Jafar in the Treasure Room, where Jafar attacks Sora but is defeated. After the defeat, Sora again asks about Jasmine's location, but Jafar only responds by using his final wish and turns into an invisible invincible genie, and threatens to destroy the city. Extremely worried, Mickey orders Sora to find the Keyhole and stop him. Just in time, Sora finds it and enters it, where a huge red genie - Jafar - awaits. Sora defeats Jafar and seals him away in the fake lamp but suddenly, Pete appears! Sora is about to capture him but he escapes and Sora can only make his second and third wishes: retrieve Jasmine and return her and the lamp back to Aladdin, and set Genie free. However, Pete returns and is fighting Sora when a very familiar yet sinister enemy appears; Maleficent has returned!

She casts a spell on Sora, who falls to the ground, and before he can stop her, the sorceress raises the Keyblade over her head using her magic and destroys it. Sora is mortified but Maleficent merely laughs and announces that now, without the Keyblade, the world will be hers. Sora moves to stop her, but suddenly, dozens of Heartless appear and surround him; Maleficent calls for the darkness to take over the world and Sora is left, helpless and defenceless. Surely, this must be the end for him?

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