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Destiny Island

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)

Roxas arrives at the beach Xion, Axel and he promised to go to on Day 275. He sees a boy in red lying on the sands until a red headed girl wakes him up, yet neither is really there. Roxas picks up a seashell and utters Xion's name before realizing she is walking on a nearby bridge towards a small island. He runs up to her and she removes her hood, only to reveal Zexion's face as static begins to fill the air.

Zexion claims "he" should've known "it" would happen, and behind Roxas appears a silver haired boy, called Riku. Riku is enraged at the accusation and Zexion explains kindly - in Riku's Memories, the only things left are the dark kind. Riku's own voice filters in with Zexion's, leaving Roxas further confused as the two circle around him. That is all that's left in Riku's heart - the darkest memories. At this point Roxas begins to grip at his head in agony. Zexion and Riku's voices continue - Riku's Memories of home are gone. Roxas falls to the ground and his fist clenches around a handful of sand. Riku's voice protests - he remembers everyone from the islands!

When his voice dies down, however, it's not Roxas gripping at his head anymore, but Xion who seems to be the one voicing Riku's protests. Everyone he supposedly forgot are his closest friends, and as soon as that is said Xion falls aside, only to transform into Riku! Zexion's accusations continue as Riku is writhing in pain on the ground - Riku is the one who threw those friends away; perhaps he is forgetting his own actions? It was he who destroyed his home, Zexion says at last, just as Riku turns into the same boy in red Roxas saw earlier, Sora.

It was all a nightmare Xion had, however, as she lies barely conscious in Riku's arms He's older than she saw him as, wearing both the Organization's coat and a blindfold. She asks weakly who she is, what she's there for, and yet all he can do for her is to caress her face gently as though offering some sort of comfort.

Riku recalls then a conversation he had with Naminé. They met in the white room in the old mansion in Twilight Town, and the girl was ecstatic - she wasn't sure she'd ever see Riku again. Without replying her greeting, Riku reminds her of a promise she made him, and she restates the promise to show she remembers - to take care of Sora in Riku's absence. She bows her head down apologetically; she didn't keep that promise very well. It appears that some of Sora's Memories, which she has been struggling to piece together, are missing. They are escaping into Sora's Nobody, and through him, into a third person. To make matters worse, the Memories are becoming a part of that person. Naminé can retrieve the Memories, if they're still separate. However, if they join with the girl's own Memories - Xion's Memories - things will get complicated. Naminé would have to take apart Xion's Memories before she could finish fixing Sora's, but the process would take years instead of months. Diz would no doubt be furious, and that thought terrifies Naminé.

Riku on his part remains focused and asks what should be done. Naminé replies that if she were to just 'jump in' and rearrange Xion's Memories, there is a risk Sora will wake up but without anyone else remembering him. It is something Naminé can't let happen to him, and thus, his awakening will have to be delayed. What surprised her the most, she confesses, was that both Sora's Nobody - Roxas - as well as the "other one" - Xion, are fighting to be their own people, instead of being parts of Sora. Unfortunately, for Sora to wake up, both have to go away.

As though to explain the sympathy, Naminé tells Riku about Xion, whose face was originally blank. The fact some people can see a face now where one wasn't is proof that some of Sora's Memories are inside her, shaping her. Some inside her, some inside Sora, and some inside Roxas. It is not a situation Naminé can handle. All she can do is pick up the pieces once what has to be done is done. Riku understands, and is willing to work towards that goal.

He is snapped out of his daydream by the sound of rushing footsteps and looks up in time to notice Roxas running across the beach before he disappears into a corridor of Darkness.

Xion's dreams continue in the meanwhile, and she pictures herself sitting with Roxas and Axel on a bent over tree on the small island as they watch the sunset. She wonders if she's not supposed to exist, to which Axel replies with his own question, asking about what Xion wants to do. She replies she wants to be with them and Roxas smiles. If that's it, she should come back with them. She can't however, not the way she is. But what would it take for her to be like Axel and Roxas? This question remains unanswered as both simply stare ahead at the horizon, leaving Xion to look down at her lap.

Xion wakes up to find herself in Riku's arms. He introduces himself as Sora's friend, and Xion instantly takes interest, both for that as well as to the fact he saved her before she passed out. She asks to hear more about Sora and the girl he's always with. Her name is Kairi, the redheaded girl who looks so much like Xion. Riku explains that Kairi is special to Sora, and Xion replies that she remembers things about them. She herself is a puppet someone made, though, so why would she have those Memories?

When she asks Riku as to Sora's whereabouts, Riku turns defensive before saying her Memories are actually Sora's. Sora's Memories were scattered, and some of them found their way inside Xion. So long as they remain there - inside someone who's as good as a part of him - Sora's Memories cannot be restored, and he cannot wake up. If they go to Sora and Xion gives the Memories back, however, he will. In a bitter hiss, Xion asks if Riku hates her for taking his friend away from him, but Riku replies he's simply sad. Xion understands - to the point she can't come with him because her own friends need her. Riku gives her a while to think about it - about where she belongs, and what's best for everyone - for her, and for her friends. He leaves her there and she tries to thank him, yet her voice reaches no one.

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