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So you're a prospective player and are considering to join us in the game? Welcome on board!

This guide is meant to help just about anyone who needs help in the registration process. The process itself is pretty simple, but the fact that it's solely in Japanese might complicate those to whom the language is completely foreign. But fear not, we're here to help you throughout these particularly challenging times and we shall make sure that you finish unscathed and unharmed!

Important Note: Certain regions are blocked from registering for a Yahoo Japan account. If that is the case, you will need to ask a friend to make one for you. 

Alright, now that all that stuff is out of the way, let's get down to business!

The first thing you'll want to do is to go to the Yahoo! Japan homepage ( Upon opening the page, you'll be welcomed by this screen right here.

You see that red arrow pointing at the red circle? That's where you have to go for new account registration. Click on that link, and you'll be taken to the next page on which you'll get to enter some credentials.

When you enter your email address, the page might fill in the user ID for you. I suggest that you go with this ID because there might be a specific format that you need to follow, and the self-generated ID automatically conforms with the proper format.

For postal code, the page will only recognise Japanese 7-digit postal codes. Usually the format is XXX-XXXX, but you don't need to include the dash when filling in this field. You can just enter any Japanese postal code if you know a few, or else just go with 1000001 (100-0001 is one of Tokyo's postal codes).

Newsletter subscription is entirely up to you. It will be sent to your newly created Yahoo! JP account and chances are you won't be reading it anyway, so you can just untick it.

Now, CAPTCHA is the trickiest part of the registration process. If you can read Japanese and have installed the Japanese language toolbar that allows you to type Japanese kana, that's awesome. If either of those two (or both) is too much for you, there's this page right here that allows you to select the characters by their appearance, and they will type it out for you to copy and paste in the CAPTCHA box!

For T-card, just state that you don't have any as it requires a Japanese credit card.

When you're done, just click the big yellow submit button at the bottom of the page! If everything goes well you'll be taken to the following page.


If you are not, probably there are some fields that still need correcting, so make sure once again that you've entered your information properly.

When you're done reviewing your credentials, tick the checkbox to indicate your agreement and click on the yellow button. You'll then be taken to another page that looks similar to the previous one, but with a blue header. This means your account has been successfully registered and you're now set to play the game!

To launch the game, direct your browser to Remember, it's web, not www! You'll then see the beautiful welcome screen with a big pink heart at the right side of the screen, so click on that. However, note that the heart will be greyed out during a maintenance, so you won't be able to play until it's done.

The first time you access the game, this screen will show up.

It's really simple from here on. Just enter your newly created Yahoo! JP user ID and password on their respective text boxes, and click on the yellow button. Tick the checkbox if you want your login credentials remembered so you can straightaway launch the game the next time you run your browser.

And so, congratulations! You are now walking the path of the Keyblade. Hoist it up high and be one with it to slay evil and darkness. Onward to the battlegrounds; light shall prevail!

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