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  • Very nice post, I really liked reading it ^__^ Should be very fun for Ragna to be facing the dark version of his master ^^
    lol thanks ^^ It might be a little on the short side, but then I think I'll wait until some more people post before posting again, I don't think machine posting would be good lol ^-^
    That was a really good post you did ^__^ I'm just working on another at the moment so I should post it soon ^^ I take it that the three huge heartless' were all destroyed by Ragna right?
    Nice little addition to your previous post ^___^ I think we can see the reason to why the Mimic would be there ^^ So, would you like me to post first, or will I wait until you post again with Ragna fighting off the huge heartless?
    Sure ^^ That should be fun for the rp ^---^ And I haven't really posted with it in a while, so how would you like it and Ragna to start it out?
    nah its cool things worked out the way they should have anyway.. thanks though ^ ^
    LOL your right okay thats fair(forgot about that) then can you atleast stay out of Renas fight cause i was planning on her killing Rashnear.
    um Rena was already on Halloween town fighting Rashnear cant you just let a fight spark this once without interuptions. Just asking man have something else Like him watch the fight.
    Hmm. . . I'm up for it, though you think she can handle Derrick when he has both thee darkness and Wrath controlling him? haha
    I saw the baby dragon thing before your post and... WHUT. XD; Now I get it... Baby dragons are randomly popping up in the Pridelands? xD; Yaaaaay.

    Sure! I'm gonna ask Raynie if they can show up somewhere different than the Elephant Graveyard, though (just to keep from getting redundant... and to keep Rena from finding everybody so easily; challenges are fun? :d), but Rena's probably going to take off and can bump into Ragna in a couple of posts or so :D
    Oh okay. So now Thistle has metal plates on her arm... anything else I should know about Gravios besides that?
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