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  • I was thinking of putting your guy into an illusion state. Cause remember from my template that the dragon he turns into, his eyes will trap anyone in an illusionary state.
    Well your fucking god modding anyway. So fuck you and I'm done! Just get the fuck out of my face asshole.
    Okay okay. But fire is not magic seeing as it's common ability he create's it from himself like a snake or spider having poison secreting from it's fangs. So remember that when my guy decides to roast you like a well done steak.
    Yes but do dragons cast magic? When is fire breathing from a scaly winged reptile that possibly came from the dinosaurs, considered magical? Also not just fire breathing they can breathe water. And that's from engourging a large supply of water into a special water sac inside of themselves so they can spew it out when they need to breathe air like porposise's with their blowhole's. In fact there are dragons who can actually breathe lightning or send out gale winds just by the flap of their wings or the swing of their tail. So my guy does not use magic but natural abilities which does not count as a catergory as magic because his dragon speicies allows him to use fire, lightning and wind. I mean heck. How else do the characters of Naruto use element jutsu? Are you saying chakra is magic too? HUH?! HMM?! WELL?!
    Um, my guy doesn't use magic. He use's elemental abilities that he was born with. Dragons don't cast magic. They are imperviuse to magic and are unable to cast them as well.
    Give me time to think. I just got my net back right now. My mom screwed things up earlier with the internet connections so she could work online while she was sick today.
    I was busy and didn't have time to do anything lol

    Beyond that that I haven't used that cell in like a month. I'll turn it back on eventually though...
    No, I realize in hindsight that it wasn't very clear; I'll definitely be more specific in the future.
    Oh, I'm sorry about that. I'll try to be more precise with my posts in the future.
    No, it was towards Aeora; again, I apologise if what I typed was a little obscure.
    It wasn't an attack so much as a temporary distraction, completely nonlethal, yet intended to prevent eavesdropping. Afterwards, though he was facing towards his pursuers, Mephisto was still speaking to Aeora; I hope I wasn't too ambiguous about that.
    Oh, never mind, then.
    My brain has been a little rattled lately; I apologize for the inconvenience.
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