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  • D: Uhhh... For the fight part, I'm actually not sure if it's okay. XD; Only because we're trying to finish the RP and that sounds like a roadblock sort of thing. If it makes things more interesting, then it's absolutely fine, but if it doesn't, then maybe we shouldn't do that? :<
    As for the sibling thing... BLARGH. D8 When that's paired with what I have in mind for Rena, that makes absolutely no sense. .-. I won't explain it on here (I'll explain it in the RP, though), but she couldn't really have siblings.
    Sorry if it seems like I'm just ignoring or shooting down your ideas. I'm not trying to! D: I'm trying to keep the RP moving, though, and I don't want too much focus on Rena in the RP... ^^;
    Ok, so what would be good now? You wanted the Real Alt to meet Dark Alt right, so do you want him to maybe stop when he feels the new presence and starts going back down where he meets both Alt and Zero, maybe offering Zero the chance to be saved?
    How much does Alt contribute to the overall story? Recently, little more than turning into a heartless.

    I would call that secondary at best.
    I wasn't worrying about safety. I was worrying about you extremely overpowering a minor character,
    Hey dude, your Number Zero... Stop godmodding. Please. Leave a chance to dodge or don't even bother to attack. No one can be invincible bro.
    I always thought that Twilight was an equal balance and that Dusk was more Darkness than Light. Man, these concepts get very confusing. Anyways, my temp is up and complete. The armor was the best pic that I could find.
    Okay. Glad that's cleared up. Now to try and think up some.

    Dawn is more Light than Darkness, right? I never really understood that concept.
    Yea, I was just doing some research to find out what "Enhancements" meant. Didn't know if you meant like special attacks like the cards from the Advent Decks gave in the Kamen Rider that America did.

    I'm workin' off limited knowledge.
    Oops! Almost forgot the most important thing! The name of the rp is "Eyes of a Killer". Heh, nearly forgot that part.
    Hey, KZ? I need to ask ya somethin'. If you think you can handle an rp made by Zetsumi, now known as Misthranpothy or whatever, then can you read up on the story and decide if you wanna make a chara? I'm askin' Skitty as well. Well, I'll seeya around!
    And a late happy St. Patrick's Day to you too. And that works out just fine for me, 'cause I'm both part Scottish and Irish!
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