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  • I wouldn't say I'm a big staff member. I'm apart of the Discord Server staff, but it's been fun, though sometimes it's been a little hectic and stressful due to some problematic members causing trouble.
    Hm, let me send you my handle to you in a PM so you can just friend me that way. I can't seem to find you when I just search Anorgos. I need the numbers. So yeah, I'll be PMing you shortly.

    Oh that's awesome! I remember you saying the two of you were thinking of doing that together. Granted, it has been a while since I talked to you about that, but I do seem to remember that. And D&D huh? I didn't know you were a fan but that's awesome nonetheless! I, myself, have been delving more into the slice of life genre as of late. Kind of strange when you think back what I used to do earlier in this decade, but it really caught my eye around 2016 and now it's the thing I mainly write, though I do have a couple of friends I write fantastical stuff with. I've been getting a lot into 1x1 roleplaying too.
    Oh shit man. I had no idea about that. It's why I moved to Discord. It's a lot more stable when it comes to it. And yeah, I've been pretty good. I have definitely had some changes in life as of late but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I've found a permanent home on RPG, though I come back to KHI every once in a while. I've made the staff on RPG, so there's definitely that. I'm looking to get a job in the next couple of months and rewrite my WIP novel. So a lot of things happening that i'm really excited for.

    How are you doing? What's new in your life?
    Hey man! I'm not sure where I can catch you nowadays. I mean, I messaged you on Skype a while back. But I hope you're doing well. Lord knows it's been a while since we last talked. Hope to talk to you soon. =)
    I have to agree with you on this, though. Not much role-players to join in and it would take a while just to get all recapped. :/ Though I'm glad you'll try something to get their attention. Normally, I'd do that but technically I posted last, so I don't want to over-bound my authority.

    Yup, the Persona RP is based off the games but it's not directly connected to the games itself. It's a thing on its own, really. There was one before Icebound, but the players just got too busy with RL and so it was halted for awhile until Max, CD, and Cinder revived it under another name: Persona: Icebound. The story is basically the same with a twist; the original timeline went under a Shift and that caused a new timeline where events didn't happen or whatnot.

    My character is new to the Icebound so it's a fresh start for me. She (Chloe) never became a part of the team in the original timeline while this one is part of it. The reason for the Shift is unknown and is a mystery needed to solve on top of many things. Chloe is pretty similar to Rise in terms of personality and Persona, but at the same time she's her own person.

    As for my new role-play, The Miracles: Reborn, right now we're getting into knowing each other and pretty soon we'll get our powers through an accident (or on purpose..! ) and from there, it's all about handling everything from our powers to stopping bad guys and saving the world. You know, the usual we see or read in comic books. xD Basically, it's a superhero RP.

    Lol, so you say. xD *wakes you up via coffee* Here, you'll need it if you're staying here.
    Good grief, Sephy! You're just lazy like Sora. xD

    But I'm glad you're still alive and on vacation. You've missed quite a lot and I hope you can get back on track soon enough. :3

    I'm doing great! And yes, I'm still RPing and writing is not quite working for me right now. I guess I'll just chart it up to writer's block. xD Speaking of Role-Playing, Kingdom Spirits is at a standstill with the sisters at work and I recently established another Role-play, The Miracles: Reborn while joining up in Persona: Icebound. I guess you could say the role-play section is the only best thing to stay in the forums for the time being.

    I just hope you can get back to Kingdom Spirits soon enough since I can't do anything much until someone else updates it. :/
    Hey, are you still alive?? *pokes, pokes*

    It feels like ages since we last talked. How are you doing?
    Thank you, my friend! It was a wonderful birthday yesterday.

    I saw your post and now I'm all pumped up for tomorrow's post!
    I'll be happy for you to get better soon so you can enjoy the posting spree that will come once yours is up. :D

    I'm surprised that I still remember the entire storyline for Kingdom Spirits after all that time without a post! :O I guess I must still have my photographic memory skills in check. xD
    Ah, I do hope you'll get better soon so we all can be together once again. :3

    This is just me, but I'd like for a post for my birthday tomorrow. Lol. But that's just me being me.
    Hey, are you alive?? *pokes pokes*

    I haven't heard anything from you in a while and so thought to check on you. After all, you're in my role play and I'd hate for you to miss so much stuff going on. :p
    Well I am prepping for my Youtube Let's Play Channel so I need a banner/Avatar. And was hoping you would be willing to make me a Avatar based on the Couchman dressed Castex's?
    Hey sephy2, I hope you're doing good, and I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

    I'm also really sorry for not getting around to making a post for Erika in Aeronaut Society. </3 Otherwise, how've you been? How goes life? Are you watching season 4 of RWBY too? Will you be on Holiday break soon? (Hope you don't mind me asking. xD)
    Probably so! xD And yes, it doesn't really do well to try to force something out to write. I've had similar problems, but I'm learning. :3 I'd recommend you checking those game series; it's actually fun and the characters, the story itself is so engaging that you're part of it no matter what.

    I think beside Dahman and Sammy, there will be an interesting history about Alex that will come out and change the dynamic of the New York Tamers from the start. It'll be interesting how these two and the others will react to this for it is something that resonates and further on as we make our way around both sides. Plus, there will be boatloads of information about the Spirit Realm that hasn't been released beside than Dahman knowing about it. It's too much fun!!

    Amen to that; I'm actually hoping that others can follow through to putting up posts since this is sort of the prologue; The entire start to the ending of the Traverse Town Invasion is the prologue. As soon as Alex, Sam and Dahman and whoever comes alongside with them wake up in a new city, that's the start of Act One (There are Five Acts and within them, certain chapters to go with it).
    That's good; got to get your imagination flowing through your brain. XD I do hope it was okay for me to add some details with Dahman; I'm kind of following a game series called The Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel 2. Turns out cool nicknames are the norms in this series, so I'd thought to make it more fun. :D

    Also, I think everybody will like Alex's character arc. It's so much fun!

    I'm doing good; just busy these days.
    Hey, just wanted to update you that I made a post in KS and awaiting your next one. I think Dream is trying to work on one, but you know how it is.

    How are you doing?
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