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  • Hello! It's been awhile hasn't it? xD

    Also question: do you call people a kiddo in general or...? Just wondering....xD (I personally don't like being called kid/kiddo or anything like that...unless the friend is using it in a lighthearted/cheerful way I don't know if that makes sense? Like I always hate it when people are condescending and had people be that way so that's why I am asking to clarify but also just wanted to let you know. ;w; I also hope that wasn't too offensive or rude but yeah, I had to ask).

    And I've been doing okay even though I have had to deal with a death of a friend yet I didn't know them too well and also had to lose another friend but he was actually a toxic friend and things were going okay but yeah things went downhill after we started talking more. I also had to take a hiatus from Twitter due to mental health problems. But I'm doing okay and been trying to write and am trying to finish Kingdom Hearts 3! Speaking of which, I also got a PS4 a month after Christmas so I was happy because I was able to play Kingdom Hearts 3. Also I have a part time job now so work has been pretty busy for me since I'm doing alot more than I'm used to but hoping to get the hang of it! ;w;

    As for the idea being solo, I see, I see. I hope the collab goes well if it happens soon! xD Anything else new with you? ;w;
    Even if I wanted to, no epic combos for Walt. He's not as flashy, as over-the-top, and as SuperANIME™ as Alt. Just some simple connecting blows and kicks.
    Drawing a blank atm. You can take the lead if you want, I can just have Walter add through and contribute to the fight (although most like I'll just have him stall). Just generally go with the flow.
    Mom had to go get Skitty, so I've been covering her shifts and mine this week. So yeah, I'm posting in my brain, because I always am, but actual writing? That's a little more difficult. Sorry for complaining.
    Just throw a million spaces in between one of the words if the reply is too short.

    Dead from the neck up as usual. Yourself?
    Nothing big, just a smattering of ideas here and there. Nothing cohesive or concrete.
    I've just been RPing into the Trust is not Resolute RP by Dari. So far, it's been good fun and that's where I'm aiming to keep my focus for now. It's just nice to un-rust and flex those muscles again after sleeping for so long.
    Glad to hear it :)

    Life's been happening, and stories too. Well, always. I have not Rped in a while, but I have never really stopped writing in my head all along as I have realized. Ideas never leave me, and neither does writing I suppose lol. It's good to be back to actually writing though.
    dude, we were basically kids when that happened, I'm not worried about that shit now lmao.
    It's okay! No worries! Glad to hear you're doing well! Yeah, it's okay but I have been struggling mentally with a few things and had some friendship issues that needs resolving but otherwise doing good! Getting back into anime and Pokemon hahaha. xD Ooh awesome! RPing? Roleplaying? Either way, sounds interesting and hope that is going well! Ooh game design story project? Cool? Is it a solo or collab type of thing if you don't mind me asking? I hope that also goes well!
    Oh gosh, this is two years late but how are things going for you? How is the air force if you don't mind me asking? And lots of writing! Can I ask what kind of writing? I'm trying to get back into that since I have suffered writers' block and been in a huge slump for awhile but hopefully I'll start again soon! ;w; I also hope you been well!
    I cannot do name changes unfortunately, I'm sorry, my friend:/
    I’m so sorry! T.T I really don’t know what happened, although thank you so much for your time and patience. And again I’m sorry!
    Hi Light, I was just looking through my email and I didn't see any email from you. Can you resend it to me pretty please?
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