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  • Hey don't go disappearing on us again this time ok? It's hard not to miss you c': i think you're awesome!
    aaaa thanks so much purg!! i hope to stick around!! c:
    Hey, just checking on you since I haven't messaged you in a while. Hope everything is okay :)
    It's been a minute since I've sent you a VM, I hope you're doing alright. We miss you!
    Hey fair enough, the actual roleplay seems to have hit a crawl overall, I'm not too worried since I'm in another roleplay as well, this pacing works.

    How's the job panning out for you btw?
    Try being somewhat out of your comfort zone talking to one of the two people in the room and feeling the other is a threat, business as usual lol.
    Nah, he never could, it was just the heartless making the decision to follow on it's own. Occasionally Bray goes rogue, happens to prefer being in the presence of girls. Probably would've watched over Cal when Trace and Vi went to the mansion if he didn't give him a command before then. Beyond that, Trace can't understand or translate what his heartless is thinking anymore than Cal can with Sparks ;).
    Lol I didn't purposely do that either.(totally did) His heartless instinctively moved after he bashed the side of his ear in to drown out his train of thought.
    Its ok. Skitty missed that part as well lol(or chose not to acknowledge it, its minor tbh). I did leave my heartless perched on your shoulder as well ;).

    -whistles nonchalantly-
    Drunk. Chased. Hard land on a cross, almost get eaten while sleeping, slobbered on, and now I'm surrounded by heartless again...it's been a loooooong day :(
    What you did was definitely appropriate and well timed, be sure to get plenty of rest~! :p
    Trace will get there in due time, theres this synergy thats being expanded on between the heartless and human when either one goes postal, the other is usually the calm one in those situations. Here in particular, I can probably see Anti doing something to interfere. The Jerk doesn't want him to have fun apparently!
    He hit the ground at about two meters from where Nana is standing, thats about the length an average house door if you layed it flat on the ground and stood at both ends of it. It was a precaution for sparky, and an initiation of aggression towards Nana who's trying to talk, despite ignoring what Trace said before xD.
    It's definitely true ;)

    I'm not sparing any expense in releasing the psychosis I was explaining before in the OOC thread. Lmao.
    Yeah, Nana is of the same opinion but he’s also willing to carry out Ichi’s orders (the oldest of the siblings), so yeah it’s fun and leaves him conflicted when those two desires counter each other. It’s to avoid that conflict why he usually stalks people, so he’s actually taking a huge risk right now (I think he confides this in Cal after she gives him a name).
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