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  • Castex: ....... ya great times being hunted down by fourteen insane balancing universe nut cases.

    ME: XD indeed I didn't know you returned to the rping scene. X3 So how have you been?
    XD yes I still remember you Brol X3 you helped me and Seph12 invision Castex and Sleif with your brotherhood XD that and I don't forget friends X3.
    Castex: >.> or enemies
    Thanks for the tag to it, just finished reading through it and I really liked it. ^_^ Really interesting backstory and world it describes in it. ^^
    -Pokes back with broadsword- I'm still alive. ^^ And I'm certain no one will forget about you man. ^_^ That sounds like an awesome thing. Tell me more about it. How is it done? And you're right, Sleif and Dygado would kick ass. ^^
    from many, many years ago. Not too bothered if you don't remember me, it was like 4 and a bit years ago.
    1 will be a knights of the old republic, the other will be a Indego Prohcey, and Im still debating on the other 2. Maybe a left 4 dead, or a Mencerie, Jak and Daxter, or maybe Avatar. It all depends what story I think would last the longest with people. That's the hard part about making RP's, keeping your self and everyone else entertained.
    Im still in the procces of writing it, so I won't be done till june 4th. lol I have at least 3 planned.
    Ohai, this is like super delayed omg.
    But s'up. I've been doing a'iiiight. I miss this place. ;_;
    What about you?
    /Hello brother I hope your doing well, it's been so long that I've forgotten how long I've been gone, but it feels good to be home. Home in New yor and home with my friends and family, this place is part of that family and friends.
    Ahh, it's cool! It's fine xD; Butbutbut one thing in regards to that. :< Could you let everyone know in the OOC thread that you're going to be busy? Only 'cause we thought the RP got ditched 'n stuffs. .-.; Sorry to ask about that...

    And as for what happened, Guilmon and Rena were fighting the dragon creature and spider Unbirths but took off through a dark portal, which was summoned by Aoi. They went into the Marketplace, which is in ruins because of the Parasitic Heartless that came from the Heartless machine, and Guilmon's fighting Aoi while Rena and Aexrn (who's not quite merged with her anymore) are both out of the fight for the moment.
    Awesomeness! :D Especially about Scotland... SCOTLAND?! owo ish it awesome ish it ish it ish it?! 8D And hope everything goes well with college and jobs 'n such! :]

    Umm... definitely not near NYC XD; Opposite side of the country, actually. Where nothing fun or exciting is. *coughhack* (Except Disney World squeeeeeeeeeee) Comic Con there sounds really cool, though! :D It would be very interesting to go to one. xD;
    Ahh, it's fine! :D No worries! I understand completely, so it's fine. xD; And my summer was pretty good! :] I tried to do lots of stuff I hadn't done before before I started college. How was your summer? :D
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