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  • hey.I got two words fore you(You Rock!)were ever I go and The place is cool you were there!
    lol you don't even know what that means

    oh shit nice counter-argument, I see your point of view incredibly well now

    No, and he doesn't need a serious story to have a fantastic game. That's most obvious in Super Mario Galaxy 2, even.

    Mario does not need a superb story or insane character development (which Kingdom Hearts doesn't even have anyway) to make a good game and sell well. That just shows what a great franchise it is.

    KH1 is mediocre. CoM and KH2 are bad games. The series as a whole is a mediocre games. That is not just my opinion, that is generally a public opinion. Meanwhile, look at the Mario series: Galaxy and Galaxy 2 have had the highest reviews and most widespread praise in all of video gaming history.

    Do you think just my or Chevalier's opinion did that? No.

    I am not trolling.

    All have terrible plots that only try to make them seem like they contribute to some large, great, fantastic, intertwined plot that, when shown, will be incredibly mediocre, much like the series in its entirety. Just look at Days: it invented Xion, a terrible character who was pointless and a stupid idea to contribute to the series.

    Stop letting your fanboyness blind you from what is good and what is not.

    How the fuck can you say that right after saying this:

    derp derp derp i don't know what i am saying MY FANBOY LOVE IS CONFUSING THE MOUSE WHAT DO I DO
    oh right feed it more poo games

    But they didn't and Mario did. Thus, Mario gets the credit. That is how society works and has always worked.

    Hmm let me see. "Plumber turned hero saves princess from a giant, evil, turtle-esque dinosaur and his army of turtles, mushroom men, flying bullets, dinosaurs, etc. while gaining help from his very own pet dinosaur and a variety of power-ups such as a mushroom, a flower that grants him the power of fire, and a star the literally makes him invincible".

    Or to simplify: "Man saves Woman."

    Let's look at the general plot of KH to KH2: "A boy who uses a key as a weapon goes through various worlds beating "bad guys" and an organization bent on absolute control while trying to save his childhood friend."

    Or to simplify: "Man saves Woman."

    oh shiiiiit what happened

    I could invent better characters if they were all based on bodily excretions. They'd have more personality and better development than the whiny, emotion-filled, bland characters that occupy the Kingdom Hearts game.

    Neither series has any character development. Why ask?

    Mario does not have a battle system.

    And yes.

    Right: there's a clear victor. Apples are far superior to oranges. There is no contest, so to even compare them is ridiculous.

    Thanks man.
    I'm very grateful for your care Loke but it's ok. I'm just do'n sum recherche.......
    Plantimum, as I tried to state. *i think you just didn't see it cause something screwed up where I wanted it to be lol*

    As the video states, congradulations. :3
    wow....EX is being so stupid right now. Thanks for showing me this, I know who to avoid now
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