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  • your stupidity doesn't amaze me.

    and hey. it seems like your "friends" underneath thinks so to on your stupidity.
    Thanks. I kind of got tired of my old one and decided to switch to this one until I got my new one I'm hoping will be made soon.
    Go argue in the 'Should Marijuana be Legalized' thread in Intel. That's what that one is there for, this one is for people who want to discuss them without people like you coming in and forcing their opinions on everyone else.

    Besides, you've still never posted any facts, that I've seen. How you think you can win an intelligent discussion without facts, I don't know, but whatever you want to do.
    That's why I usually don't post there personally. XD

    I usually post in the Fanclub sections. ^_^
    What the-

    I thought you were permabanned! Didnt you make a second account loke14 and everything?
    No, Calamity is the world where Souls are created, including my character who entered as a Heartless originally. But, only beings of darkness can enter it. So since you have evil intentions in you, you can enter the world.

    Whereas Sora can be in the world but cannot act on his own will. Also, he can only enter through the aid of a dark being.

    But basically you can enter Calamity.
    think we could possibly change it to Sora and make it a very troubling ordeal or settle for Kairi? XD
    Hey, ive just got a request not to post anything involving Riku's kidnapping. Someone wants to join the RP as him. I think its best we leave his character alone. Are you ok with that?
    Of Course :D

    Just put in your character joining template and introduce yourself into the story ^^
    I tried to come up with a smart and witty response to your jargon...
    But I failed. So consider your point valid and such, not that my opinion
    means ANYTHING to you. :D
    I'm sorry, but I had to comment on your overly large signature. You're largely misinformed when it come to religion, I must say. Either that, or you have some seriously messed up interpretations of scripture, because never once did I read sin = hell. :)
    Nope I dont live there
    I live in Crenshaw
    I just put Compton for the fuck of it
    My brother lives in Compton and he went to the High School in Compton
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