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  • is that so? you gave us a video of yen sid giving mickey his keyblade back =/
    so whats next? was it confirm that his a master or what?
    hey hey hey hey i never said anything bad and i never started a fight with you XD
    i only asked for prove and you didnt give any =/
    I don't need evidence against your theory, merely highlight the instability of your own.

    Just because there is no opposition or better alternative to your theory does not make it right. It simply makes it a theory.
    Oh calm down. I simply get the vibe from you that you're not even acknowledging the possibility that you might be wrong, and taking uncertain or ambiguous events as concrete evidence. AKA trolling.
    Sadly, I no longer live in Japan or a large city, so I have to wait awhile for my import purchases. Hopefully it will be here soon though!
    Yeah. Like I remember thinking the battle system of CoM was dumb, and then I played it. And it was ridiculously amazing. So BbS's could be great, or just like KH2.
    It looks a lot better than KH2. But it seems kind of like button mashing for flashy effects as well. Not sure what really to say about it though until I play it.
    wow, a response. i must have gotten through to you. was i correct about the age ;)?

    no, i'm not one of those Christians. i'm just one of those people that like an answer when they ask a question to people like you who want to run their mouth.

    and while i don't agree with you, at least you gave an answer. a real one. now have a nice day.
    well, i'm glad to see that you've tried to make a reasonable response at all.

    i'll blame it on your immaturity though. when you grow up (cuz you're probably 13, guessing by your username) and you wanna be treated like everyone else, let everybody know so that way they don't mistake you for the joke you are now.
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