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    I licked my lips right before scanning over your sig, lmao.
    boys and girls I present you Loke13. Hes not changing hes avatar at wen I meat him!
    hey so I've read up to From Dead to Worse (True Blood Novels) and I know a few about the Fae. Sadly I didn't read the next book which has the fae war in it (Dead and Gone) but from what ive read Fairies aren't just delicious to vamps...they are intoxicating. A vamp cant be nowhere near a fae without going nuts about it. There very presence arouses a vamps senses. 2) they obviously live to incredible ages. 3)very elder faes can conceal their fae presense which is how Sookie's fae grandpa (and the fae king as of book 8) was able to stand next to eric so a long time. 4) No matter what age fae are remarkably gorgeous or handsome and they catch everyone freaking attention in a place. 5) Claudine is sookie's second cousin (cause their fae grandpa) and also her fairy godmother (which is just a glorified guardian)

    The books say nothing about the hand blast thing sookie does as far as I have read. Perhaps when I read Dead and Gone and read about the war Ill learn new things. Also even though there is a fae world the whoile magic pool and sunny area like in the show is not the only place fairies can be. Claudine has a brother named Claudane (or something like that) and he is a gay stripper. They can interact with humans and the outside world.

    Thats all I know as of write now. I hope it helps. BTW Hunter Hadley's son (hadley in the book turns vamp when Sophie turns her before bill meets sookie) doesnt appear until the end of book 8 where Sookie visits him at his dads. He is still a telly though
    I was wondering if you could help me come up with the story for a original metal gear solid RP. It's supposed to take place 10 years after MGS4 about a second cold war. :/
    D: I'm really sorry. I didn't see your quotation marks so I thought you were blatantly saying that God doesn't exist, meaning I thought you were just going in there and just being an asshole. My apologies. :(
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