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  • I get what you're saying and it makes sense, but it only makes sense then at the end, not when it actually happened. I still disagree because no one knew that Kairi could wield until the end of KH2. Sora certainly did not know this when he said 'the six of us'. At that point it time, no one considers Kairi as having an offensive role, let alone even a protector, she is one that needed protection. So imo it's not Kairi, it makes no sense to include her as one who'd be fighting along side Sora and crew.Jus sayin. Would have posted it but someone closed that thread.
    life was like this for me > good>GREAT>GREAT>good>pretty good> not so good>bad>bad>REALLY BAD>AWFUL>better>normal
    hows collage?
    it was so long
    Hey :) Thanks for the critique on my sig, glad you liked the image :3 It's the first one i've made and i'll get working on the quote, which btw do you have any suggestions? Not so good at making up my own :/
    Of course :3
    KH13.com - Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Birth by Sleep Final Mix - Page 4
    ^there ya go, second post
    Yep! Who did you want to replace with whom in BbS?
    I don't really know. While playing 358/2 days, I had this nagging feeling in the back of my head that it would be so much better if Xion wasn't in it. I had a plan to rewrite the entire series in fanfic form, but not something like this. Then I saw Grass's post that replaced Xion with Roxas in the fight scene with Riku and I realized how very easy it is to write her out, and I wondered why no one had done it on a large scale. So, I decided to do it.
    Hello to you too, fellow Xion critic! :)
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