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  • A bit. I'm planning on trying to get into game designing, so I'll probably take classes as some point in the future to--hopefully--get better at it.
    Saw you were looking for Deeman, former moderator yeah? Dude's a good friend of mine, he doesn't come to the site anymore. There was a controversy several years ago and he just never came back, I barely remember the exact reason, but it was related to sharjeel/monkeybutt back in the day and Dee hasn't been back since.
    Oh wow, long time, no see. I'm okay, I suppose. Surviving, mainly. How about you? How has life been treating you lately?
    I have no idea what context I said this in or how long ago, but I still stand by the sentiment.

    Also, you're that dude that used to make complex theories on here, eh? I remember yeh from back when I wos a wee lad.
    Nope, I didn't change my username ever since I registered here.

    Rearranging the numbers would also not make much sense since they're just my birth date (8th December) added because I expected 1st "Sephiroth" alone to be used and 2nd because I wanted a sort of personal note on the username.
    because i was just messing around with her :b

    nice dude
    make me a game with a better story than Nomura can make
    which you know
    shouldn't be hard
    yeah but this was more of a joke, gelandporn = anagram of goldpanner lol. don't really care about my forum name.
    things are pretty good! studied abroad in the uk this past semester, working on a pre-law minor. not much on the kh front, been kind of theoried out as of late haha. how about you?
    haha, not really. I mean it evolved out of that. Back when I was The Graceful Assassin on KHU, my nickname from the staff was Grassy, and I just changed it to that (and Grass here) because I didn't want a KH username any more and it was easy to remember lol.
    purified_riku155, that's the username I remember you by. Back in the good old days of the kh2 series.

    I'm actually doing pretty decent these days. It's been a long time friend.
    lol, c'mon man, been out of the Marluxia phase for like 4 years, don't see me calling ya PMF, do ya? How's it going man? long time.
    I haven't logged in for a while, went through my messages and found your name there. I'm trying to remember who you are, but I think you may have had a name change. Regardless, just though I'd drop by and say hi.
    Hey....Do you know when you're deploying? I think Xavier should know. He still looks at you like a father regardless of whether you are or not. You're meaning to say that the time you spent with him was fake? I'm not asking for any money, just an answer.
    The one here. It's the E3 2010 Birth by Sleep English Trailer. The guy's in here somewhere, Ii wanna say around the 3rd minute but I'm not sure. Here's the link to the trailer though. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: E3 2010 English Trailer - HD
    Haha, oh man.
    Yeah, well that was a year and a half ago. Couldn't finish it now even if I wanted to. All the clips were on my old computer.

    But even at the time, I couldn't complete it. WMM kept freezing on me. Not enough people were interested in seeing it, so I wasn't that interested in completing it.
    It's a shame because I did think it had potential but, meh, I really haven't bothered with any video editing since.
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