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  • That's great to know you're doing good! :D And sorry. I don't do Facebook. Not my thing. XD
    I'm doing okay. Looking for a job, and about to take a nap right now. ~u~ Never heard of Tokyo Ghoul before. Is it good? :D
    Of course I remember you! Happy Late V-DAY! :D
    Haha, I thought you'd never come back! XD
    *Hugs* How have you been? :D
    I'mma bowing out. Not sure where ya vanished too or if you'll ever return but I'm leaving this account behind me. Soooo if ya ever make another surprise appearance you can find me here: Click meeeeee
    Really? Am happy your having so much fun in KH13 and hoping high is going well for you this year. ^U^
    I'll have to think it over. Am already apart to forums as it is and kind of have a hard time balancing them out. XD
    Nothing much. Have been playing Tales of Xillia and Final Fantasy XIV. Both good games so far! ^u^
    REALLY!? So have you spoiled yourself on them now? X'D
    You've been cheating on us with another forum!?
    No thanks, I've seen kh13, I prefer it here. Even kh13's founder was from here.

    o3o Nothing much, I got so bored I started drawing again. First time since middle school.
    You never beat kh!?
    Soge remembers you! ^U^
    Hi, how've you been? 8D
    Been a long time since you've been here! XD

    And I've been doing good. :)
    RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR!!!! >8D I yelled. :3 Now you~ X3 YEAH! HAPPY DAY FOR CHEESE!!! 8D *Fires Confetti from cannons in the air* But seriously, I acutally now may be able to go... Though I'm going to have to put myself through! XD Hears to hoping I can find a full time job soon, so I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!! 8D *Holds up a slice of Chocolate Cake he got somewhere* College is better then High School though. :3 You can learn what you want to learn there! :D And the fourteen year old is lucky. ^u^ Now Le Bear! 8D *Hands her a Polar Bear* You used to love DMC? 8D Hehe, is pretty hot! ^u^ Hahaha, maybe that's what Riku will look like when he's older! XD Dats alot of music! O3O XD Silly Roxana! X3 Sorry I wasn't able to reply sooner. Was sick with the stomach flu. ono But all better now! 8D Edit: Happy Late Valentine's Day, Roxana! :D *Hands her a Moogle Plushie* Forgot to say that on V-Day, so I hope that makes up for it. ouo
    x'D nice rhyme why i do say it was worth my time,
    i hope your of age so that your marriage wasnt a crime,
    did you spend all his dimes?

    who says you get to be on top? xD
    YES, YELLING IS COOOOLLL~~~ 8D /shot -- XD
    *Looks around* Yay! I'm finally in college! 8D Really? :D That's really something if he/she can get into college that young! :D
    *Gives you a present* ^u^
    Oh, am soory to hear that. :( Then we'll have to make your days happy and exciting then! 8D *Hands her a tiger* Now begin! 8D /shot again
    Got DMC Devil May Cry three days ago. It's pretty fun! :3
    How about you? :D
    8D 8D 8D
    HI ROXANA!!! 8D
    WHY I KEEP YELLING!?!? XD /slapped
    Hehe...ahm...sadly still not in college yet...I don't know when I'll be getting in. But SHOULD be this year! 8D ...I hope... 8'(

    ANYWAYS...Happy Late Holidays/Christmas and New Years! 8D
    How have you been? :D
    you was home!? DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME!? i dun want your sammich i like cookies~
    i is good nothing really big has happened. how about you?
    he's not a jerk he's an ass! DX<

    i is good started a new file on kh3d today~ what have you been doing?
    D:< he what!?
    i is good~
    xD the sky is blue cause you like it?
    *o* you know not pokemon!?
    *o* rikku!? where has you been!? how is you? eat a cookie? why is the sky always blue? lawl do you like mudkips or pikachu's more?
    You don't remember most of what I say because I'm that memorable! XD /shot
    At least you watched the FF13 ending! XD Am happy you liked the ending so much! X)
    The ending was really touching. That music and everything nearly makes me cry every time! ;U;
    No thong model, NO! >3<
    Yay! Hope you have fun playing through FF13-2! =D
    Oh, did you know that SE is makeing another FF13 game? :3 It's called Return of Lightining! X3 <3

    And I'm okay! Sorry I haven't been on. Stuff happened, but that stuff is out the way, so we can talk about more stuff now! =3

    How are you? :3
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