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  • act like that in the real world, and you WILL be forgotten and ignored. nobody wants to talk to a person that isn't open to debate but just lets stuff fly out of their mouth with no reasoning attached to it.
    way it dodge the question. and if you really think anybody cares about your KHI level if thats what you're talking about then you're nuts. ever since that came out, i haven't heard a person mention it.
    You know, you could try and actually prove your point instead of insulting people who ask you to.
    i do, and you clearly do as well right? that's why you know so much about it.

    way to look like a fool. you must be proud of yourself.
    so buddy, you never answered my question of where the Bible contradicts itslef? because until you do, with proof, and not just with "AHHH morality is stupid," you've proved yourself to be an hypocrite who's willing to open his mouth but not back his point up.

    there's a reason people like that usually keep their mouth shut.
    Ignore the bible related comments, loke13. I'm not religious and to me the bible sounds like a load of tripe, so just let other people believe what they want. :)
    I'll rep ya for the the bible fighting anyway.
    lol.Why do copy other people posts and threads to make yourself seem intelligent?
    the text you have in your signature completely twists the Bible.

    God created man. Man only had one thing that he couldn't do because he didn't even have knowledge of any of the other sins of the world. Man broke that one rule, which in turn stained humanity as sinful. God is perfect and can not have anything to do with sin. So, he sent his Son, a form of himself, as the final sacrifice to make up for all sin (sin can only be redeemed with blood, hence the sacrificing on animals by Hebrews). He did this because he loved us. He created us because he loved us. But he also did this to redeem us and bring Him glory, glory that he deserves.

    And I know that I'm on a different side of this argument, but where does it say that God gave us free will? It says he controls everything and knows everything before it happens because he looks at all of time as one moment. How could he be as powerful as he is described if the case were: "Don't do anything...Oh no they did something bad. I had NO CLUE they would do that." Sin has made us imperfect and we are meant to strive to be perfect through Christ by accepting his gift and following his commands.

    tl;dr - God's not a hypocrite. Who says you have free will? Do you think you should go unpunished? His can want to love you, but he can not actually do it if you're drowned in sin.
    If you want to avoid using 25 characters, just add a lot of space between two consecutive words in a sentence

    for example:
    Mark Twaine's Mysterious Stranger, i'm surprised to find a quote like that around the forums :/
    No seriously. Why are you fucking stupid?
    How come you're so fucking stupid?
    too hard to tell, he wasnt really using it only holding it.

    probably only seen in cutscene.

    you also have to take into consideration that the keyblade riders that thy have dont look anything like the new keyblade design, it looks just like there original keyblade design. ALso BBS tgs 2008 (last year) showed them with there original dsign aswell only without keychains.

    i'm almost 100% sure that the new keyblade design is plot wise. seeing as how the enw gameplays show the keyblade sparks appearing like "flower charm" design. which is the same design as the star charms of Aqua that he gave to terra and ven.
    it's not stubborn think about it.

    Sora's first weapon was wooden sword before his official weapon for the entire game will be kingdom key

    Roxas' first weapon is the struggle bat before making kingdom key his official weapon kingdom key (for the entire time he was left)

    think about it, what is TAV's weapons before obtaining there official weapon design? notice the scene where aqua gives terra and ven the keycharms? notice in there gameplay when they fight the stars that appear when hitting an enemy also appear like the keycharm?

    it's the one keyblade design that previously used, as seen in birth by sleep tgs 2008 (which means it's actually used in the game)

    it's fairly simple, TAV have there original design, until they finally get the keycharms (representing there bonds) and have the new design as the official one that they will use for the enitre plot.

    maybe at one point it will revert back to the original depending on the plot (just like sora and the wooden sword in kh1)

    i'm saying it's not retcon, i'm saying it's plot-wise
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