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  • My week all to myself? Very relaxing. =w= She was going to meet her girlfriend~
    I dunno if it's an established fact, but it makes sense.
    I would notice! ;A;

    *Will finish response later.*
    AHHHHHHHHHHH I'm such a bad bad bad person! I didn't really response to this until now but yes, I saw Brave and 3 times too! :D IT WAS AWESOME! :D I mean, I felt like there could be more but I saw it and loved it! :) I'm really glad that I got to see it although I wish my babies were more in it! How about you? Did you see it yet? And ugh, I'll try to be on MSN/Live more if you're still on messenger or e-mail you, I keep forgetting! But I have a reason.

    Oh one quick question: Do you like Harry Potter? (The books, the movies, both, or one or the other is fine btw).
    LOL I don't enjoy my job xD
    Too many stuff to handle..xD I have been continously working ..about three weeks without any rest day.
    I have pre-order the game but it haven't arrive yet. How about you?
    Lol if it's not KH, then what is ittt? xD If this place is the most friendly then I don't know how the other parts of the internet are...

    Nahhh~ I'm still gonna reply to them (On time if I can) Hey! You'll always come back at the end of the day, so i'll keep replying. No one misses you? /scoff righhttttt~ v_v

    It's kinda like your ignoring the other person, that's why :( I guess that's one gain in terms of not being around much...if that is even a gain D:
    That's depressing..../uneasy laugh lol...That's life though, nothing you can do but live the moment the best you can.
    I was done on June 14th lol
    I'm surprised you remember that type of stuff xD I always have to look back :p

    You mean sporting low cuts? (Short hair) on some people it looks nice n_n
    lol no...../sobs, rolls on floor, rolls down a hill-- No! I'm over this! I don't have a 3DS as you can see..

    Whadya mean? ;o

    NOOOOOOOO lol ;______;
    Not if I can help it!

    I'm back!
    Well, no one I know got murdered, so that went well, I think!
    Yup, sadly I am one of those people. But I plan on getting a 3ds an kh3d around December x3

    Seriously? You get bored playing it!? x'D that's quite surprising. Well long as its fun for you then that's all that matters ;]

    Oh, so there's nothing all that new or special about them. Okay then ^_^ hmm so your a fan of Riku I see~ yeah he is awesome xD

    So how've you been Dotachin? :3
    ;_; you cant replace people with more!

    yes, yes i have X'D it was great~
    xD how many DE's you have?

    actually moewjesty and R&R seal have it to, the meow wow has leaf bracer :D
    Late replyyy.

    I agree, it is a while off. I think October is a good release date.
    I must agree. The older games seem to catch my attention than the newer ones. MM was awesome >.<
    Same with AWL, I couldn't find it anywhere except amazon for crazy prices. -_-

    MK? You sir, are awesome xD
    Yeah, everyone seems nice so far ^^ I love DDD :D I actually got it the other day, And I'm now getting into it. Except the drop system can get a little annoying >.>;
    I see. xD

    Yep, that's the one.~ People say it's probably the best HM yet. I'm really excited for it to come out too. About the other 3DS game, ToTT, it has glitching where it'll freeze up badly :c which means, I traded it for the reqular DS version of it.
    I'm not sure either. I remember seeing it when I didn't have any money at the time. It was about...15 dollars? I think.
    I love AWL/AnWL :D First HM game I owned ^^

    Yay.~ Tell me if you do decide to join ^^
    Yep! I was looking for some things about DDD, because another KH forum I was on basically died,, and somehow, I found myself here. x3
    Waiting to play KH3D. My sister is playing it now. xD

    Well I'm doing other stuff like watching the cutscenes, fighting Julius for the ultima weapon, finally got Meowjesty!

    Your mii looks awesome! o3o
    I noticed. It kicked me off randomly >.>

    Same. There is a 3DS version of HM coming out this year! c: And same with AP, I can't find it anywhere.
    I have to say though, AP was one of my favorites ^^

    Thanks ^^
    xD Yeah, that HM forum is one of my addictions. Which got me to join here...since I'm afraid of new forums x3
    Oh! You're online! Hi Kiwi! I didn't knew you really were here right now! xD

    I'm always eager to see the story so, yeah kinda. xD

    But it was fun fighting YMX. Now I must get the Ultima Weapon! >3>

    Yep! You like my Mii? o3o
    That's okay xD

    I'm doing good :D sadly no, will have to wait till xmas time for it. When I get a 3ds I'll definitely add your friend code!

    So how've you been? What's the other forum like? Who do you like playing more? Riku or Sora?
    Hey! ^^

    I'm not back yet, but my hotel room gets wifi!
    I'm in Winnipeg, by the way! Murder capital of Canada, I believe.
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