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  • I suppose I could always just spam you on skype sometime, but even that's a pain for me now. Dx How is/was Hong Kong? You lucky person you! You are like always off somewhere. What's this about Tokyo? >:eek:
    Hey, just a heads up, but I added your fc (for that whole friend safari thing, when I ever reach it, I'm a bug type and my third is apparantly still unknown) if you want, mine's: 4210 4222 7144 The more, the better, right? :)
    I know there are a few, and I really want to emphasize the word few, classes that have about that number. We literally only have one classroom that is big enough for that number coz usually we have to keep a certain limit based on room size otherwise the fire department starts scolding teachers since they used to have bigger amount of students in their classes.

    Why not? Fallout 3 is pretty easy, it was one of the first that I got iirc. Although another reason I haven't worked on them besides playing PS2 games is that since I'm at school for most of the day 4 times a week, by the time I get home I'm tired or I have to crunch in some time towards a project because the deadline is soon, etc. Haha, wooow, 100 cars, that's usually when I bust out some music, mute the TV and proceed to grind that kind of shit.
    Well for me, I've got a more rigorous class schedule this semester, and I've been recovering from surgery this past month or so. So tricky! :(

    I'm soooo hyped. :D And yes, it's a terrific album! Try out Brighter Than A Thousand Suns and The Legacy for starters. Maybe look at Lord of Light too. :D
    Likewise. This semester's been a bit tricky for me, but I'm doing okay I suppose.

    I got tickets to see Iron Maiden and Megadeth!!! 8D So excited!!!! >.< Also been going back through my Iron Maiden discography, and decided that A Matter of Life and Death is the band's best album (though I probably rank Bruce's solo album The Chemical Wedding a bit higher). So dark and progressive! :D
    Who knows, but definitely a lot more than my current school which is probably about 1500 (yeah im just pulling that number out of my butt haha). I know in some universities they have classes of up to 50 people, so yeah, there usually is a big amount of students attending. My current one is a community college so its a lot smaller and classes are usually about 25.

    You shooouuuld start it!! They announced the 2nd one and showed some gameplay recently, so loads of hype `3` Well, I've been trying to get some platinum trophies hehe, Dark souls was one of the latest ones I got. The rest will still take some time, but I haven't been able to focus on them since I'm playing new games. Well, new in the sense that it's my first time playing them like Silent Hill 4 which I'm playing right now. And yeah, some of them are retarded tedious. An example being Dead or Alive 5 with one trophy being "Fight online 1000 times" and that's just going to take ages. I played Super Street Fighter IV for months before I even got 300 on that.
    Yup, just gotta take care of some stuff and I'll be going over there starting this Fall semester. Kind of excited actually since I've been the campus already and I really liked it there. Doesn't actually feel that different from where I live other than its extremely more populated and there is a freeway right next to the campus, lol.

    I have almost nothing but art classes this semester so I've had quite some time to play 8D I've been playing a bunch of different things during these last few months. Got into the Resident Evil series so I pretty much played most of the games sans the remake (which I recently got) and Code Veronica X. Other than that, just stuff like Metal Gear Rising, Dead or Alive 5, Darkstalkers, etc. Got a few platinums actually like Dark Souls `3`
    Hahaha, it's cool. I've been busy with college and with doing everything I need to in order to transfer to a university next semester. Been somewhat of a learning experience for me in many ways, but it's been all good so far. That and well, playing video games like usual `3`
    I know that issue, lol. After a weekend of sickness I can now finally post chapter 30 today and get on with the story.

    Ah, no wonder I didn't think of those first, lol.
    That's an easy mistake to make though, especially if the cities are that close together.

    I don't know why I keep forgetting Tampere, lol, maybe because it's more in-land and not on the coast?
    Tiny as in less than 30.000 citizens I suppose?
    Even then, "big" does not always mean "good" as we can observe with some american or chinese metropolitan areas which nearly drown in pollution.

    I'll try to prepare chapter 31 tomorrow to sent for proofreading.
    Damn it. Uhh? Maybe the one that has to be turned in first? Or the ones that aren't so expansive first so the smaller stuff is already done and out of the way when you do the bigger challenges.

    Ah, I see, lol. Well, being in the capital may have some sort of advantage since there isn't much of competion for Helsinki anyways in Finland.
    What's the second biggest city anways? Turku, Vaasa, Rovaniemi?
    In Germany, we have several cities big enough to get anything you want without needing to be in Berlin, lol.

    It's all a build-up for Kairi's own small character arc which will run concurrently with the main stuff happening. And as long as Namin? isn't saved (and becoming her own entity), she'll be always with her. *ggg*.
    Woah, this was posted almost 2 months ago! O_O

    Yes, that's very true.

    Yay! I have been missing my Hearts In Union story! D: I was waiting and waiting.. I just kind of drifted away, but when I saw it again, I remembered everything, so I have been re-reading them. :)
    Way too busy. ;P
    Moving? But didn't you just move there barely a year ago?

    Thanks, one thing is clear for sure that Kairi won't sleep that calm for the rest of the night.
    I've had much stress on my plate as well, although it now slows down a bit.

    That chapter is practically the climax of the first Kairi-centric arc, good if there weren't so many errors.
    Hehe, yup, KK also said she had to catch up on stuff, and I haven't seen a review yet as well there. ^__^
    Geez, it shows. <__<

    Heh, right on time as I was just planning to post the beta version this weekend.
    The last chapter was in mid-October, almost two months ago! 0_o
    Yo, I assume you've much to do around this time again, so I don't wonder about no answers to the VM or reviewing the latest chapters. ;)

    I'd like to know though if the next proofread-chapter can be ready for the next weekend? ^___^
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