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  • I've been going back and forth on buying it. On 1 hand it's FF and I missed FFXI, on the other I'm not much of an MMO player in general (also blegh monthly subscription) How is it? :)

    With time to spare :p Crash 1 WAS a pain though xD

    Right now there's a heatwave going on here. It's ridiculous when your driving along the high way at 110 km per hour with the window open and you're still not cooling down (hell, my hand was outside my window and in the wind and still hot)

    Glad that it's summer vacation? :p (you're still studying, right?)
    Yeah. I've pretty much fixed all the issues we had last time (and went through everything again to find and fix some more mistakes in advance), so it's about time for another try. If I can get everyone together. :p

    So anything else new? :)

    Want to hear something funny? My brother challenged me earlier this week to finish Spyro 1-3 and Crash Bandicoot 1-4 by the time he gets back from China (exactly a month at that time) for a jar of Ben and Jerry's at the theatre next time we go to a movie. With a bonus challenge for also a drink. There are now 3 and a half weeks left, and I've already completed Spyro 1 and 2 and am about halfway through the 3rd (and I only started that one today xD ). He has admitted that he already regrets challenging me. :p (also, I'm undergoing massive amounts of nostalgia now. I AM worried about Crash 1 though. That game was a pain)
    0_0 I am somewhat unsure how to respond to that. That's not the type of thing I usually get to hear. Thank you.

    Well, they're really not all that intensive. And there's lots of time inbetween sessions, because I'm usually far too tired mentally to really work on the game after work. :p But reaction was positive, in the sense of "heavily flawed, but it could become something"

    Yeah I really don't know what's going to happen to that country. Obviously they can't keep this up forever, but they do have a strong grip on everything.
    But I guess lots of places in the world are bound to change. Even the ones that seem like they've got everything together.

    You're completely right about that. (alright!)

    I have actually not seen the real version of the anime really want to, but I cant find a place to watch it or buy it.

    Not much life, and stuff. How about you?
    So very long... :p I think I vaguely remember you. ;D

    Great! Keep it up :)

    WOO! Even closer now! (stop what?)

    :/ (awkward silence)

    Good. We played it again last week with more players this time, though still not the max amount I made it for. It went a lot better, but there's still some stuff that needs fixing. Like the length. It just lasts too long, but I've already got something to fix that.
    My friends took the opportunity to misinterpret every little thing they could xD so we could find all the loopholes. We still haven't gone through all the cards I have, though, and that's a problem. Can't fix everything unless we've done that. Better news is that my stats are good as they are now. They were terribly unbalanced the first time around, but I managed to fix that for the 2nd play. Just have to write the new numbers on all the cards now (we used sheets I printed with the new stats because I didn't feel like changing them on the cards in case they were still wrong. the sheets were inconvenient though)
    I also made up 2 new characters to use, but I've left them out for now. :p They just popped up in my head.

    It was fun. There's lots to see and do. The food was great too. Problem is that if you get a guide, you don't get much freedom. :/ They have quotas to fill and also have a tendency to send you to tourist-trap shops. :p But I don't have any regrets, aside from the last evenings' dinner. It was the only time we didn't eat Chinese, it was at the hotel in a Russian/Uzbekistan restaurant. I had chicken, and I got to meet the same chicken again at night in the bathroom. Kept me up all night and sick for the entire trip home. Didn't eat during that time (except an ice cream. It actually helped my stomach) Weird thing is that we're now 3 weeks past that and my eating patterns still haven't completely gone back to normal. I get hungry less then I used to (which I welcome, because I should lose weight)
    It's an interesting country though. It's not as poor as people like to think, but it does have heavy problems. They have hundreds of giant skyscraper projects (for which they evict people) that in the end go uninhabited because people can't afford them. And there are a lot of young people who want to get out. Our first guide was about my age and she was incredibly interested in my cousin (he went with us) :p Until she found out he was married. xD But she actually told him to let her know if his marriage goes south xD

    Man, I'm wall of texting again.
    Still having the good moods?

    See, that right there is why he shouldn't have been in the game. Raspberry is one of Frieza's human looking mooks who appeared in one episode and died in it. And he didn't even die at the hands of one of the heroes. Bulma tricked him and he got offed by a random giant crab. Apparantly he got in because a very old DBZ RPG used his character as an enemy template along with some pallette swaps (who are also in the game as his alternate skins). They've filled the game with references to other older DBZ games, which is nice, but I can still think of at least 20 characters they could've included that would've made fans happier.
    Yep, it did. Problem is that while Xenoverse has its plot solved, it leaves some stuff ambiguous and with the time travel nature it can be either a prequel or a sequel to DB Online. Or even just an alternate shortened take on that game (which would still leave a cliffhanger)
    I am not ashamed to admit that out of the 4 characters I've created so far, 2 have his voice. (human and saiyan). My Frieza clan character is meant to represent a brother to Lord Chilled, so I just picked the most high-pitched voice I could find and it's not available for the women (which obviously makes sense, but I still wish it was available for them too... Imagine a tiny cute looking woman suddenly shouting gibberish in that voice)

    Half a year now. Birthday midpoint yaaaay! (nobody cares)

    No need to apologise. I have issues.

    Most has been fixed. Just the hard stuff is left (and then another test that will undoubtedly uncover a new batch of problems)

    I'm going to China :D (this monday!)
    I heard of those. I think that’s supposed to be a good thing.

    You bet your sweet ass it does :D

    Yeah I know I saw that. I just meant I didn’t know where that conversation was headed.

    For that price, you can’t complain about Guacamelee.
    DBX is good, but it does have some issues. Like the new game villains not being playable. And no energy charging except by wasting askill slot (you normally get energy by attacking and being attacked, and humans generate energy automatically at a slow rate). Some characters have way too many (similar) skins while others have no extra skins at all. Their skills and stats are locked into the skins (so they represent different parts of the story), but you can’t edit them which sucks imo. Only your custom characters. And on that note: while visually there is enough variation in the equipment, statwise all players regardless of character race will gravitate towards the same stuff. And some more nitpicks: some more slots for custom characters and it’s stupid you can’t pick a team of 3 custom characters when doing missions. Just the one you are currently using and 2 regular dbz characters. There are questionable character inclusions too (we get Appule and diddlying Raspberry but no Zarbon or Dodoria. And only Androids 17 and 18). Showing clear numerical stats would have been nice too, instead of a visual representation. According to what I read online yesterday, some things are very different from what you’d think. Like Majins are supposed to have high health (after Namekians) with a difference in health and speed between males and females, but apparantly female Majin place 5th out of the 8 options in health. That’s not what I call high health.
    That may sound overtly negative, but at its core it’s a good game, these are mostly nitpicks that should be addressed either through patches/DLC or in a potential sequel (there is a sequel hook, but it could have been referring to the Korea-exclusive Dragonball Online too)
    Also you have Ghost Nappa as a voice option, and that's just fantastic.

    Half a year and 2 weeks babe.

    Man that was worded badly. I meant that I just don’t like the silences. (Don’t take this the wrong way like I’m accusing you or something, you obviously have your life and aren’t obligated to keep sending me messages)

    Half the problems have been addressed. Don’t have much time left though, I’m leaving on a trip in 2 weeks so if I can’t fix everything by next week, I probably can’t test again until after that.
    Holy hell it's been a while, how have you been?

    Yes batteries. I have the picture to prove it.
    Whooo! Metric system FTW!
    It's always funny to see people like that. I saw another one this week.

    I'm not sure anymore where this was headed, so lets go with that yeah, world of cardboard speech.


    I haven't really played Injustice, but I already did on my ps3 and thus knew it was good. I finished Guacamelee again and it was excellent again. Had some new features too. Shadow of Mordor (despite not having played it now for 2 weeks, needed a little break from the constant orc slaughtering and because my plan went tits up) is awesome. It's basically a Batman Arkham/Assassin's Creed fusion set in Middle Earth. Added some new games to my collection too, Lego Batman 3, Alien Isolation and Dragonball Xenoverse (first DB game I've bought in a couple of years). I have no regrets (though DB needs to fix its servers)

    Yes... to bad the concert is in October (but hey, on my birthday)

    I understand. Still, I enjoy chatting with you too. (I'd be lying if I said I don't mind this happening)

    In other news: me and a friend of mine playtested my game. Not for long (we had some timing issues), but despite quite issues he had some fun. I'm now working on fixing the flaws we found and then it'll be time for another test, hopefully with some more players this time.
    Someday... when we're old.
    Getting that PS4 is pretty fun story. For reasons that take to much explaining, I had to get it at a particular chain store. Problem is, when I came there it turns out they were sold out in the entire province. But I found out there was one left in a store that's about 1 hour away. So since I didn't have anything else to do that day (I had taken a day off so I could get those Weird Al tickets) I swear. That other province felt like it was just wrong. As if it was built by aliens to look like the country, but you could just sense something was off. Then we came to a (very big) roundabout that had a sculpture on it. I shit you not, it was a sculpture of giant Duracell batteries. No rabbit or anything, just batteries. At this point I just stopped trying to figure out that place.
    Then on the drive back, we were behind this Porsche that was constantly trying to overtake the people in front of him and to break the speed limit. He couldn't. For 30 km (or 18 miles, I don't know what you guys in Canada use). Then we got to the speedway and off he zoomed over the horizon and he was gone from our sight in less than a minute. About 15 km further we got off the speedway and guess who we saw waiting to get off too. It may sound stupid, but I thought it was hilarious :3


    What better way to convey the lameness?

    So thanks to PSPlus I already have 3 free games (admittedly, I already had Injustice for PS3 and Vita but still nice since it comes with all DLC) And Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition was on sale too (60% off). Another one I already had, but this one has some new areas and gameplay features (and again, all the DLC of the vanilla version) And I found Shadow of Mordor secondhand. Good times.

    And Weird Al! never dreamed I'd ever see him perform live. :3
    Oh I see that's good. So much time though It would bother me. Im stuck doing homework from online classes and stuff -___-. Its so much and I always procrastinate.
    Yes. Also maybe other stuff.

    Maybe tomorrow whoooo!
    In the word of cardboard, only the hard cardboard can thrive. SHOW YOUR FIBER. The Pulp King demands it.

    A word for something lame should be lame itself.

    EDIT: Weird Al's coming here (on my birthday, no less) and I got tickets. :3

    EDIT 2: PS4 is in WHOOOOO (also funny road stories)
    wow. I'd prefer monday off instead of wednesday but thats quite a schedule. I only have thursday and friday off but its so boring though. How do you deal with all that free time?
    There's gotta be more to do... Go to a park that forbids feeding the birds, do so anyway and cause a national outcry when you, the sweet and harmless old person, gets fined.

    Paycheck's nearly there. Which means PS4 time. Whoooo
    My free time is nothing but an endless amount of carboard and paper and glue now. I shall never hear another sound but that of scissors cutting cardboard. Never again shall I see more than brightly coloured paper. Cardboard is eternal. Cardboard is my being. Cardboard shall cover the world and I will be all.

    Ah, same here. :p :p (ok that was terrible and lame. Terrilame)
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