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  • Thank you, Zephyr! And I also really like your avatar too. <3 It's so cute with the Mickey Mouse hat. xD
    Of course! I will always support the forums, so count on me. ;D
    Thank you for adding me, by the way. :)
    Hey Zephy! Since I haven't seen you in the chat, I'll say it here: I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! =D
    You still don't have OP? If you don't then that's weird. Who does? I wonder what happened...
    Oh cool I just though maybe it was kind of like a online generator thing like the PSNProfiles, and that would be very amazing of you! I am currently going through finals for school right now, but I'll be sure to get back with you on that shortly thank you! :)
    Hey I had a quick question for you, Delsan said Ovafaze had made the one that made his signature 3DS friend code picture, but when I asked Ovafaze said that you were the one who had made it, so I was wondering if you minded telling me how you did that? It looks really nifty and I want one too. :)
    been hyped up about III lately and saw your name on a dozen gaming website, want to thank you personally for that spectacular artwork, and good luck if you stole it from SE lol.
    HeyHey Zephyr,

    Thank you for drawing that awesome artwork! I really adore every Kingdom Hearts fan that manage to help other fans realize upcoming content.
    lol Almost a month later...I'm responding xD Been busy so I drop by KHi every few weeks when I can. The amount of "jealous" that I am that you went to the 2.5 event is unimaginable haha I did manage to meet Nomura at NYCC and I'm next too 99% sure he thinks I'm a stalker (I waited to say goodbye to him after all 3 autograph sessions so at the end I become "that" kid and he started joking and waving back and the staff and I talked).

    Also, this might be totally weird, but can you take a photo of the KH totebag and Sora and Roxas charms? While I do collect nearly all Kingdom Hearts merchandise, there is just too much stuff coming out nowadays that doesn't look all that great, so I've cut back to only collecting the really nice stuff and IDK what those items look like. If they're that nice I'm gonna have to go and buy them :D

    For Xmas I received a KH care package.

    - KH 2.5 HD Remix Collector's Edition
    - Sora Play Arts Kai
    - Roxas Play Arts Kai
    - Amano wall scroll (that poster that was at the 2.5 event, I had to have it, too nice)
    - 1.5 + 2.5 OST
    - Sora Mug (released at Artnia)
    - The original TOMY Japan KH figures of Sora, Kairi, and Riku
    - The TOMY Magic Collection Halloweentown Sora, Donald, and Goofy figures and the KH2 Organization Mickey figure

    Still missing a few things, but sometimes I wish there was a merchandise section for KH stuff on the forums lol I could go for days...IDK what my obsession is with KH figures O___o
    I've never platinumed any game. That's a bit of dedication in some cases isn't it? I'm actually kind of disappointed in myself, I've had the game since its release but haven't even played BBS yet. I've never played any of the final mixes so playing KHIIFM was pretty nice. I've yet to defeat all of the data battles or LW, they're pretty hard
    Oh hey no worries. I was able to do the deed. But then I found out the other night that I didn't have to do that because those stones are available in ORAS right away. I even traded over a leaf stone from X for my Gloom just to find out that I could have gotten one from the super training. I suck lol, I'm glad you didn't help lol.

    How've you been, everything good with you?
    Hey would you be able to help me with Pokemon sometime this weekend? I'm looking to trade over my Lucky Egg and 2 or 3 Mega Stones from my X version to my new file on AS.
    Thank you! Though to be honest, Kazr deserves the credit more than I do. He's the one who has been diligently translating the main stuff, while I was just giving my say on how to word the English sentences in order to make sense. :)
    Ah, sorry, I failed to follow up... I managed to translate the one last week and Kazr was able to do it this week.

    I think there should be no problem for now... so long as it's just maintenance notice there shouldn't be a need for more manpower. Thanks for reminding me, though. :)
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