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  • Hmmm true, most men cannot sew. But I will be most impressed if they can. Overcoming their ego and such.
    Next year. Next year! XD

    Gambling is not good D: just do it for fun and don't take it seriously then. Btw Gram, what city or town do you live in? Is it a remote town?
    Well if you can find something else to pass the time that would be swell. I couldn't think of any other pass time than reading, crafts, art, knitting, sewing or cooking. Maybe DIYs or.... reading.... yea I have no idea what you are in to right now =_= sorry, I can't be much more help.
    I just hope the government fix this school system of theirs. The only school I know that is good there is MIT. I think I would want my child to go there if he has the talent. Or NYADA and NYU. Oh I've been Googling around and found that Rhode Island University is the world's best design school :D interesting....

    YAY!! XD So what's next?
    Yeah XD be like "oops, sorry~ ?\_(ツ)_/? teehee" Yeah, I'll do that next time.
    So how are you Gram? I mean, you decided to retire from KHi, which a big surprise because you are one of the top members who knows everything about Kingdom Hearts. You are literally a Master of it! Why would you want to leave? Is it personal business?
    So many parties >_< first my family, then my highschool friends, then my college friends. The party is never gonna end and I will inevitably spend my money for it!! I just got my paycheck dammit! DX
    Haha! Did I get it right this time...?

    I know what you mean by critical being tough. I have only ever tried it though in 3D.
    Proud mode in KH II fm was right for me...and too easy at times. I defeated the absent silhouettes, Zexion, Vexen, Larxene and Lexeaus all while I was still under level 42. Marluxia is looking to be a little trickier, mostly due to his long HP, but I think I'll get it the next time I play.
    I finally beat KH II the day after xmas. It was more fun than i remembered, too! I love that you can unlock theater mode. That sure is a lot of scenes. Lol
    All i have left to do on bbs is complete Terra, then i should unlock the secret episode, hopefully. I'll try to bfocus on Terra, but all i can think about is going back to play as Sora in KH II! I am eager to see all of his abilities, and finish exploring the cavern of remembrance. That place is nuts!
    As of now, I can't stop watching the new FM scene of Sora and Riku, To End It All. It is sweet! And best of all, NEW!

    When I think of the new year 2015 the first thing that comes into my mind is KH III! I just know there will be tons more info, screenshots and hopefully trailers! Let 2015/KH III begin! Haha.
    hey Gram. Sorry I haven't been here for a long time... it's been like... a week or so? You can see all my laziness and all its glory.

    Mistletoes are overrated XD
    Yep. Some people open shops to provide customers for sewing services. Either making a dress or just a simple mend or embroidery. They make a living out of it because people will just keep coming in.
    Yup. I gotta wear that to the next convention. I think I'll play as female Tadashi with all that blazer and cap XD

    Ooooh I thought you meant Billards not Billiards >_<
    Much to my father's side of the family's bad habit, they like to gamble a lot. I'm just glad it's not hereditary--- wait a sec why did we suddenly talk about gambling??
    Don't blame the school. The joy of reading is found in one self, nor should it be the bad influence of others. But if you'd prefer other activities, I'm not gonna force you. Although reading shouldn't be forced.

    Have you finished Chuunibyo yet?
    Yeah, it's all fixed now :) I can access the game from now on. I didn't know what I did to it but it starts to work again. Weird.
    I would LOVE to throw him far across the room and straight to the big mirror. Now I have no motivation to even watch anime anymore...
    I hope more One Piece games comes to America. more good ones like World Red i have a fun time in it's Battle Colosseum mode . i recently unlocked Jinbe, Shanks and Aikinu to play as. and the other day i unlocked Buggy, Hancock and Ace.
    you know even though I got Omega Ruby I've hardly been in the mood to play it. I've been playing One Piece Unlimited World Red a lot though.
    I wanted to get hyrule warriors; it looked fun when I saw the demos. Who's your favorite character to play?
    I've forgot that most of the Straw Hat's had pretty bad childhoods. the ones that are the most sad are Nami's, Choppers and Robin's.
    yes but a very expensive console i've played every game but ddd and the remixes the one console is more than a ps3 a 2ds and those games combined
    Well I got to that point about Christmas Day. actually :p of All The Straw Hat's redesign i like Brook's the most and Robin's the least.
    Also I'm finally on the post time skip episodes of One Piece! I'm 2 episodes away from starting the fishman saga.
    Welcome back! :p
    I like 1 and 2 was ok, but I don't remember 3 very well... is that the one where they switched actors?
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