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  • What's there not to understand: There's water, ships, and a collection of barrels and other such like objects in the center. To me, it's pretty strait-forward.
    I'm kinda confused on what exactly you did in your post. I understood that the knee that Kao launched at your chara was stopped by a..swing of an oar or something. But just not sure on what happened on your character's part when Kao swung the stick. D:
    No problem at all bro. I understand we all have lives, and sometimes our lives get our attention more than an online forum. So, take as much time as you want. :)
    im REALLY glad I decided to do the bro-fist thing its helped me to make a ton of new friends here. So eventually my sig. will get full & im thinking about making a Bro-fist fanclub! If I did so would you join?
    Their is nothing wrong with that. my intention is to get to know more of the KHI community, & bro-fist as many ppl across the planet via internet! *leaves to add Chromatic to the list*
    Yeah, I'll get over that. xD But then when you wanna play as someone's sibling, you read the Bio and turns out their siblings are dead. D:!

    Happened to me twice. :<
    I tend to do that a lot. Bad habit, something I really shouldn't be doing. ^^;; But I can never really make up my mind to play just ONE, or even two different people. To be honest, whenever I make one, they tend to be very c.lose to Mary-Sue-ish, so I guess it's like my little sneaky way out of it.

    That and I have a bad tendency to RP the same type of characters for a while (before it was Healers, then Super-Strength peeps, now siblings)
    Open it with [ TABLE ] then, use a | (above the enter key) wherever there will be a line separating a column. Always make sure there are the same number of column separators, otherwise the formatting collapses it all down to one column, I think. Multiple lines for multiple rows, obviously, and close with [ /TABLE ]
    Here to answer a general consensus of questions. If your like solar star, their usually "on what level" or "to what extent is..." kinds of questions. I'm purely an analogy such as referring to a reliable textbook.
    The roleplay itself was just a foundation to put the newcomers (liminalities) in our shoes of what we've worked off/with for going on a decade, not even. The development is a process thats literally gradual and over a span of years (earthly time that is). Theres also disambiguation between how close the earth and eden are to one another.

    :) I wouldn't mind being helpful bro.
    Not at all. Its a continuous roleplay, more so to explain what we already introduced. Fragments appear in battles and even other roleplays, but trying to role play it as a whole is whats the complex part. Just gives us an understanding the gape between how we'd of try to orchestrate a roleplay on the foundation of liminality seemed just a little boring in how slow we took it.
    Couldn't kick off with enough momentum, and in turn fell short of the desired attention D:
    i've given you the win...although feel free to read my final post on our battle and reply here, cause i think that the battle would work better as an RP
    (also as an after note i'll say this: what can i say, i'm a sucker for twist endings... and besides who's to say that the battle is really over after all that mark has a mystery to it...*nudges chromatic and whistles* it'd be shame to leave it unresolved, perhaps a RP is in order)
    That's no reason to act like a child on his part. If he wants to be biased because I was telling the truth, then I'll just drop out. No reason to be in a tournament with inexperienced judges.
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