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  • Lol I started the discussion by bringing up how cidney's outfit isn't sensible because I agreed with something sgamdeo told me on #Junes.

    so you have a tumblr?
    i dont have ur number but dont be mad. i dont have a problem with u just playing games for gameplay cause i like story driven games. KS just seems odd for an example. i apologize if i mad ya mad.
    No, you know I honestly fear seeing a big anime film like that in theaters because I don't like many nerds irl, lol. They're usually really loud and can't control themselves which is annoying.

    Man, come on! It was referencing NGE hardcore. I have been theorizing on that damn film since it came out, using NGE to make sense of it. I do hope 4.0 fucking shows SOMETHING on the time skip though. That was kind of lame to do without showing us flashbacks or giving an explanation, though I get the idea was for us to be just as confused as Shinji.
    Oh, yeah, Arielle is great. c: That's laaaaaaaame, well now I'm admin so there's that! Most of the staff is new as well, with a few oldbies. I see that you're unbanned from FF too which is great. I don't really get banning people from an entire subsection. I understand banning them from threads when they're derailing it, but a whole section?? Reddit is interesting but I've never really used it beyond helping promote KHI and asking the VA for Olette questions.
    Yeah! I was promoted in October, I think. Thanks! Hopefully I'm not terrible but I think I'm doing okay.

    HEY, YOU'RE NOT DEAD! Where did you gooo?
    Uhh no. If you think being alone is all that makes Peter a tragic hero, you have grossly misunderstood his character and there's really no need for us to continue. As I just mentioned, most incarnations of Spider-Man nowadays reveal themselves to Mary Jane a lot sooner than he did in the 616 universe because most people agree that that was ridiculously drawn out. None of these Spider-Man's (namely the Ultimate version) become any less tragic because of it. If anything, they become even more so since now they have to worry about their lives as well as their own even more. Hell, even the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, confided in his best friend, and he just took his first real step towards becoming a tragic hero in this month's issue. And are you forgetting the fact that Gwen Stacy is forever fated to die? So even this movie's Spidey isn't about to stop being down on his luck.

    You act as if Peter revealing himself removes the tragedies of his past (abandonment, Uncle Ben's death, etc.) Is Batman any less tragic because Alfred knows his secret?

    So your argument holds no water. If you prefer Peter keeping the secret completely to himself, fine. That's your opinion. But don't state it as a fact that it removes his status as a tragic hero when there is tons of evidence that flat out disproves this.
    And no, Garfield played Parker much more akin to the comics than Tobey did. We actually see him being intelligent (never saw Tobey doing this, we were always just told that he was brilliant without actually seeing it for ourselves). Peter's supposed to be an outsider, which Garfield nailed; and he also hit the awkwardness perfectly. And he wisecracked? Yeah, no, Tobey does nothing for me in the role.
    There's nothing wrong with Peter revealing himself to Gwen. Hell, it's often been said that Peter revealing himself to Mary Jane was dragged out way longer than it needed to be in the comics, which is why recent incarnations (like the Ultimate comics) have him revealing himself very early on in his career. It doesn't take away any from everything he has to go through as Spider-Man, and seeing as how this is a movie adaptation that probably can't count on having more than two or three sequels, there's no sense in dragging it out here either. It was handled just fine. Seeing as how Gwen's likely going to be killed in the next movie or so, he's got plenty of other trials coming his way. As for everyone hating him....well, if that's why you hated the movie, I don't even know what to say to that. He's a vigilante, it's to be expected.
    What you still fail to understand, lil'von, that it's not a demo but, the dev room. MML3 was probably gonna be forty dollars. They've already did alot of things for the game. Now if there was no dev room then yes they would make the money back from said game but, instead they allowed up to put input in and actually change things within the game. That costs money to do so as it's extra. That's the point. Demo, Beta, and Dev Room are a similiar but, at the en of the day they are not the same thing. With a demo, you don't get to include things if you don't like it. Dev Room, you got to tell them things to change and add or that was just bad all around which they have to go back and work on....that's money. Starhawk was fairly complete when they put the beta out while MML3 was barely at a half way mark when they planned to release the Dev Room....which means much more unplanned work because of fans. Starhawk by far does not and will not have had as many fans speaking on the project.

    You can call me greedy or whatever. Idc honestly and Capcom is my fav company. Now you name to me the last time that you've seen a priced demo from Capcom? When? Can't name one. Jut to ruffle your feathers, yep I don't mind day 1 DLC. Just like I didn't care for Dragon Age Origins.
    Uh-huh... Can't really tell if you're being sarcastic or are just overly excited, but thanks all the same, I guess.
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