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  • I'm ready when you are. I'll post an open challenge in a bit, if we can get two people then we'll do a double battle. with LPCs.(low-power characters)
    Ah, I wouldn't mind man. Recent battles I've had lately have given me the time to adjust and fight on every level of power to make sure I haven't forgotten how to do standard melee and low to mid power battles as well.
    Ah, sorry about the late reply man. Actually not too bad, just enjoying the holidays and time off from school. Exams were a little nutty, but personally next semester can't come quick enough xD.

    How about you man, how've you been holding up?
    Of the worlds now available in KH: Eclipse, which are you most interested in having our little Group Number Two head to?
    Oh I don't care, you're busy, I'm lazy, the thread's probably going to be open forever unless Jezza tries to close it in which I'll nag him until it's reopened.
    D: stop

    I posted. stop

    I sorries. stop

    Don't hunt me with pitchforks and torches yet. stop

    Wee Hee Hee.stop

    Stop. stop
    Yeah, it's dwindled into non-activity. I just need to check through the remaining threads and deliver a verdict, then at least the tournament can cease and the Order Ranks properly commence.
    Reasonably man, I'm just having a tough atm looking for employment. If I'm fortunate I may re-enter work next week :)

    How about you man?
    yeah I'm still in; got any ideas for the match setting? (i was thinking something similar to our match's idea myself)
    The post were graded on content mainly from the new point system. Had there been more read, or a better distinction we'd of had a much easier assessment.
    Even so, the name 'tournament' fits the bill, people are just used to seeing it used for a very specific kind of event.
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