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  • Oh I don't care, you're busy, I'm lazy, the thread's probably going to be open forever unless Jezza tries to close it in which I'll nag him until it's reopened.
    D: stop

    I posted. stop

    I sorries. stop

    Don't hunt me with pitchforks and torches yet. stop

    Wee Hee Hee.stop

    Stop. stop
    Yeah, it's dwindled into non-activity. I just need to check through the remaining threads and deliver a verdict, then at least the tournament can cease and the Order Ranks properly commence.
    Reasonably man, I'm just having a tough atm looking for employment. If I'm fortunate I may re-enter work next week :)

    How about you man?
    yeah I'm still in; got any ideas for the match setting? (i was thinking something similar to our match's idea myself)
    The post were graded on content mainly from the new point system. Had there been more read, or a better distinction we'd of had a much easier assessment.
    Even so, the name 'tournament' fits the bill, people are just used to seeing it used for a very specific kind of event.
    What's there not to understand: There's water, ships, and a collection of barrels and other such like objects in the center. To me, it's pretty strait-forward.
    I'm kinda confused on what exactly you did in your post. I understood that the knee that Kao launched at your chara was stopped by a..swing of an oar or something. But just not sure on what happened on your character's part when Kao swung the stick. D:
    No problem at all bro. I understand we all have lives, and sometimes our lives get our attention more than an online forum. So, take as much time as you want. :)
    im REALLY glad I decided to do the bro-fist thing its helped me to make a ton of new friends here. So eventually my sig. will get full & im thinking about making a Bro-fist fanclub! If I did so would you join?
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