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  • Welp, I'm glad to hear you're alright Eva. I hope you can find some sweet spot uve' cash soon. ^^
    Hi Eva! Would you will be willing to, that we could have the last person who was interviewed be the host for the next interview? Almost like passing the torch. I know you're busy and, all, and I thought it'd be nice for you to take a break, and not having to worry about the interview process.

    Just an idea I had. (Cause I'm the winner :3 and I think it would pretty hilarious for me and CD to have an argument on crescents aha)
    Oh ok, yeah. I sent him a message asking if he was working on one, I guess you would know better than me. Oh also I put your character on the list and you are accepted.
    Beast Tamers are allowed on the RP, it would be a passive skill. Which means you would still need a weapon. You would just use it less with the accompaniment of any monster you used.
    I'll just take your word and be posting ahead. Although if you ever feel like you need a short recap instead uve' reading all the posts. Feel free to ask me. c:
    You could right now if you want. My character put sticky notes all around the town for the next investigation club meeting. Or if you meant he's saving you as a special character. Then okay. ^^
    The Persona RP's post rate is surprisingly fast as of right now. It also looks like my next post will be advancing the story a bit more too. So I was just wondering, will you be posting at least by tomorrow? I don't want to leave you behind.
    well ok... good for you... it's better than getting nothing at all otherwise I would've thought you burned your bridges enough to get nothing from anyone but that's just what I assumed
    I might join your FFX RP... I got an idea for a Guardian so I'll wait for a summoner first... you gonna put up a template?
    lol you did help ^^

    Yeah, I do. Thanks for answering though, I've received some no-answers which bug me :I
    Oh. lol, not the most expanded answer I've received, thanks though your input is valued and will be considered for my upcoming RP ^^
    Quick question! Would you prefer a RP with multiple elements/affinities/factions/loyalties/etc (for example a Role-Play that allows and encourages a multitude of species/monsters/aliens/mythological icons) or a RP that limits and sets forth a tangible boundary of what you can or cannot have.
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