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  1. Chromatic

    The Roleplaying Tavern - Stop by for a pint!

    This place, like most similar RP venues, appears to just be holding out by the will of a few people. I've contemplated running something... not sure if anything would catch though.
  2. Chromatic

    Music ► Tash Sultana

    Just popping this on here.
  3. Chromatic

    Music ► Tash Sultana

    I'm glad I'm not the only person here that's on Tash's vibe. :giggle: I found them through the old busking vids when circled around on Facebook two years back. Tash has been a staple on my playlists ever since. Their concerts have been among the best I've experienced (Red Rocks was the...
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    Music ► Tash Sultana

    Recovered drug addict. Singer. Songwriter. Multi instrumentalist. Former Melbourne busker. Guru of Live Looping.
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    Music ► What are you listening to?

    In case anyone was ever wondering what a Bob Marley-Jimi Hendrix collab might have sounded like:
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    Where I can find any roleplay sites?

    I mean, you're kind of already in a place wherein RPing happens (or rather, can happen). Though, rather unfortunately, there's not a lot going on in these parts these days; if you've got anything to pitch in the way of an RP for people to get in on, don't be bashful about posting it up here. If...
  7. Chromatic

    Whats with the MA892 posts lately?

    I've been noticing that those spam threads have made their way to this place. I've been seeing them on a few other message boards for a few years now; for a while I reckoned they were only hitting up the places that had little to no actual human activity. Guess they've just moved up to catch a...
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    Tash 👏 Sultana 👏

    Tash 👏 Sultana 👏
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    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Chillswitch Engaged; an album of piano covers of Killswitch Engaged songs uploaded to YouTube by a "Sean Townsend"
  10. Chromatic

    *Goes to see Spiderman: Far From Home; comes out with a crush on Zendaya.*

    *Goes to see Spiderman: Far From Home; comes out with a crush on Zendaya.*
  11. Chromatic

    Film ► RWBY: Season 6 | October 25th

    After finally going on a binge of the whole season today... I'm left to a few possibilities for this:
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    Trying to work up the motivation to actually start writing again. Not going too well.

    Trying to work up the motivation to actually start writing again. Not going too well.
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    Character ► [ACCEPTED] Chromatic's Carousel of Characters

    I figure, to avoid that oh so nasty thing called clutter, I'll just use one single thread to house any and all sheets that I create for this RP. Faith Name: Zachary Eckert; an adopted name for an adopted life. Nickname: “Zash;” taken as tribute to an impaired, yet adoring ‘fan.’ Age: 20...
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    Supposing I Started A Tournament?

    ~EDIT~ Main Seeding List This is the original list of how everyone was seeded to determine first round matches. After the first round, it will be used to determine the judge pairings. 1. LegendaryHeroLCB 2. DMrayZ 3. King Sora X 4. Klom89 5. Megawallflower 6. Sean...
  15. Chromatic

    A Good Day To Die

    Thought I'd try to take some time to make a return to Hess parts. And what bette way than a battle? Some housekeeping first: - I'm traveling right now, and posting via mobile. So a relaxed pace is preferred. Don't be surprised or let down of it takes me a day or two to respond over the next...