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  • You doing alright King? Hope life has been treating you well 🙏🙌
    Thanks man. I'm good. Busy with work and all that. Hope you're good.
    so far no one else has even bothered with interest, at this point I think im just going to extend invitations anyone thats genuinely interested or curious.

    Take your time brother.
    You seeing any progress along with your template for #10? It's been a minute since I've heard from ya, hope you're alright brother.
    In the thread I said it's your choice if you want to bend the resolve to something different, I did put up my original script for everyone's resolve, purgatory did a massive alteration and it was even better than my original idea, same with Deimos for #1.

    So do whatever man, if you need ideas I can bounce some back.
    Yes! My fault for the delay. I got work in a few hours so, Imma see if I can get the post up now. If not I'll do it tonight and we can get things started then. Figured out what tactic your gonna use to get there first?
    I've been as we call it "adulting" haha.
    Moving to GA sometime in the summer to be closer to family I haven't seen in ages, copyrighted two brands I plan to use later this year.

    Haven't really visited the site in ages, trying to see and reach out to practically everyone I remember and talked to pretty regularly.
    Hey there, thanks for letting me know Chromatic. ^_^ I should be able to get a chance to write up a post later on today. ^-^
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