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    i fixed it.
    let us continue our battle
    My post has been edited. Sorry about that. I read it two or three times but didn't see that one important word.
    nah sorry bro i just have a lot to do like studying for my finals and GF probs, but i hope the battle goes well ^^

    again sorry
    hey, we should have another battle at the end of the one were in now...I just need some time to set up a new temp. ^_^
    lol If things keep up like they are in the battle, Kaz just might end up in love with your chara by the end of it.
    o_O He did? Hmm... He must've used a chara that was a Blood Mage. Heh. My guy got it through birth and is what I call a Blood Demon.
    Oh, just wait. I'll make it to where your chara never looks at blood again. ^_^

    But then again, chances are that he'd decide not to attack your chara willingly. He follows a type of honor that like a cross between Bushido and Chivalry.
    No problemo, love! Almost any place is better than Missouri, though.

    <I'm switching to orange!!!! lol>
    Well, Stavvy's kinda strange, so don't listen to him, lol. He won't really skewer you with his missouri shaped dick, 'cuz he ain't got one, lol.

    Honestly, though, you really should get a different avatar with that number, if you must have it. Missouri pretty much sucks... :23:
    Stavvy doesn't like your MO highway sign avatar, but he's a jack@$$, so don't listen to him... Why do you have MO in your avatar???

    I kinda wish I wasn't in MO, but I'm stuck here 'til I can leave.....
    I do try to be cool, but it doesn't always work out for me, but I do try, lol. THX :cool:

    So, where you from???

    I just changed around my profile, so it's all rainbow and stuff, lol!!! I love it!!!
    Hello, new friend. You're still kind of a newb on here, but you seem pretty cool and stuff....You haven't even been on here a month, but you already have more 'posts' than I do... Of course I've posted like a thousand times on fanclubs, but fanclubs don't count, so..... There it is...

    You know what you should try? Cuztomizing your profile!!! I only just did mine, but it was FUN!!! Of course, I'm just kinda strange, but w/e. It's nice to meet you! :lol: :tongue:
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