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    (I'll admit it was a bit weird but it was also a very good learning experience in terms of actual human structures in 'real-time environment.' Basically, every specimen, and I mean EVERY SPECIMEN - is/was a human being, organ, tissue, cell, beforehand. Still, fucking awesome it was. >:3)
    I guess I'm of the few who coast against the grain of society and its habitual protocols.
    that's unfortunate. here in california, we're pretty understanding and all, so i've never really known any homosexuals here who have had trouble coming out or acting as gay as they want!

    it's just always kind of worried me. i think my mom might think i take for granted everything my parents do for me, but i realize that they kind of make my world turn. i like to think i'm very independent, but honestly, i'm really not. i depend a lot on them, so there's just always been a nagging thought in the back of my head that i'm going to fuck everything up when i'm alone. like i said, now that i'm older, that thought isn't really there as much, but i'm still pretty worried on moving out and being on my own.

    thanks! i'm not actually applying to Duke, but that's just because i don't think i've got what it takes to get into big name schools like Duke, Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Brown, etc.

    i felt pretty good about the latest test, so i'm hoping i did well. really pushing for that 2100.

    i've never heard of that, but i'll definitely have to look into it because it sounds like a douchey thing they would do.
    new to being gay? i thought it was one of those things you know for your entire life, though!

    see, i don't know if i actually follow that pattern. ever since middle school, i've dreaded the idea of having to grow up and be on my own and do my own things by myself without help from my parents. it just all seemed so terrifying. i mean, now that i'm older and a bit more independent, it seems less of a big deal, but it's still a big deal nevertheless.

    i'm almost done with the common app, and i started working on the UC app today. the CSU app apparently takes like 30 minutes to just hammer through, and you don't even need an essay, so that's no big deal. the longest part is the individual supplements that accompany the common app. :c

    twice now. last score was a 1990, and now i'm hoping for a 2100, at least. we'll see how it all goes, though. i probably won't take it again, regardless. i plan on taking the act in november or december, though.
    do gay men have gaydays...?

    yeah, i'm not too excited about the growing up part, but i guess it's just what happens. they're coming along alright. i actually have only written for my USC supplement, but that's my top choice, so i put a lot of time into it. the applications for UCs and CSUs (california schools) came out saturday, but i took the SAT then and i was too tired to sort through apps, so...
    An issue I realised with genetic compatibilities and harmful mutations might play well into this, but I thought I'd pass it by you anyway. The triple helix structure has two (what's the sides of the 'ladder' shape called?) 'spirals' that are based purely on genetic information from the parents, whereas its a third, initially somehow blank or inert 'spiral' that is the genetic area editable by the subject themselves. Of course, if people could edit that part to their heart's content, there'd come a time where they're essentially a different species to others people and can't reproduce with them, which is of course bad. Similarly, you could have one species diverging into dozens or hundreds within a few generations, the societal impact of which I daresay I'm not equipped to handle properly. Another issue would be if a harmful mutation was self-inflicted and could not be fixed fast enough, then the person would die, so I made up the process of a complete cleanse of the third genetic strand in th event of harmful or life-threatening mutations, which would rewrite every part of the third strand with that inert bit of genes, effectively returning them to how they would be if they did not genetically modify themselves.

    So what if any mating and consequent genetic mixing-up occurs through those two strands of DNA constructed by the parents, that would work pretty much the same as it does for us, and thereby offers a 'natural' artificial reason for people to not rapidly go off in different evolutionary directions, and still have that civilisation avoid extreme examples of xenophobia, because everyone at least begins life fairly similar.
    Hahaha, you didn't have to answer it now if you were pressed for time! XD Recovering, yes, of course. I have to. :D I'm going to be busy for the rest of the month until the first week of November too! So much work. I wish I could just throw everything away and snuggle in my bed.

    Also, I saw the fan you bought which you posted on tumblr. I WISH I HAD ONE! I played with it in the electronic store once, and my mom, dad, and I were in awe. At first I thought it was a normal fan, but the blades were spinning so fast that we couldn't see it anymore. So when my dad told me to put my hand in the ring, I was horrified. Until I realized right after that there were no blades. >:p

    I was about to tell something (that could be interesting), but I'll put it off till later.
    ...Have I caught your attention? Yes? Yes? Hahaha. XD
    I realise an issue with Vanguard genetics: If they've got a triple-helix structure to their chromosomes (that's the right word, right?) how the hell does the splitting/reproduction of them work D:
    I think I forced myself a little to come back. Hahaha. But I think I'm feeling better already! :D And we haven't talked for a long time, again. How are you?
    a new flat, huh?

    eh, you know. i've started senior year since we last talked. that's been quite an experience. and now i'm dealing with college stuff left and right. it's just stressful.
    Yeah, man, I haven't left it either. I'm currently at 147, just 3 more ponds of my goal for the year which is 150. It's kinda hard sometimes, with college and work; but it's soooo worth it lol
    Sooooooo will my French 30 IB grades count towards anything considering med? McGill has my eye, applying there soon me thinks. Volunteerism helps for sure, yeah?
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