Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Final Mix

New threats arrive in KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix! These Heartless are much stronger than the usual small fry, so if Sora ever comes across them, he'll have to act fast to take them out! Do it properly and they may even drop a rare item!

[Heartless]  [Final Mix]

Gigas Shadow

ギガントシャドウ (Gigant Shadow)

A Shadow Heartless that just grew. Like a Shadow, it's quite persistent and will chase its target around.

If it just does the littlest amount of damage to Sora, it will fade out of sheer happiness.

Stealth Soldier


This Soldier has the same appearance as that of a Soldier, but it's hard to spot. Appearing in a group of other Heartless, this one attacks from afar, stealthily and annoyingly. However, once it's weakened, it'll come out of hiding.

Black Ballade


Using the art of multiplying, this Heartless confuses its foes. If you attack any of the copies rather than the real one, it will get a chance to attack back and, eventually, will end up fleeing. But if you keep a good eye on the real one and attack it continuously...

Sniper Wild


A Heartless in the form of a monkey. It's usually seen playing around aimlessly, but on some occasions it stays alarm as to look for an enemy.

When this Heartless spots Sora, it will call for allies to shoot him with slingshots.

Pot Scorpion


A very uninteresting pot changed into a Heartless through the powers of darkness. Unlike the Pot Spider, it uses a very strong pot so just attacking it won't defeat it. Worse, there's poisons in the pot and this enemy will throw around solid bits of poison as it attacks.

Grand Ghost


A Heartless that looks much like the Search Ghost that happens to dwell in Monstro's body. Attacks through use of weaponry won't do damage and will not cause it to drop items at all, obviously. However, if you go near it and use items...



A Heartless that wanders in Halloween Town. Normally, it would be relaxing and completely carefree, but when made serious, its movements grow quick and will resort to striking its enemies repeatedly. This Heartless can summon Gargoyles and use many other moves. If one doesn't use this Heartless's moves against itself, then defeating it will be an ordeal.

Missile Diver


(No entry)

Pink Agaricus


White Mushrooms become a source of luck when they summon this guy, a gigantic Heartless.

It likes dancing more than fighting, so when it starts dancing, it seems like it can't stop itself.

Jet Balloon


A Heartless that resembles the Aquatank that, rather than swimming in the ocean, swims in the air. At high speeds too! Just chasing this one by air won't do; it will fire Heartless that resemble Screwdivers called "Missile Divers", causing an intense aerial battle to start.

Note this Heartless acts quite rudely if one carries lots of Munny around and encounters this foe.

Destroyed Behemoth


A Behemoth species that is above all others. As it name says, it can do more destruction compared to the other Behemoth species, even if it holds the same attacks as a Behemoth. Its large body and power make it seem quite formidable, but its weak point is just like a Behemoth's.

Arc Behemoth


A subspecies of Behemoth. Even if it does resemble a Behemoth, its abilities to fight are not as high as one. However, its ways of fighting and weak point are exactly like a Behemoth's.



A Heartless that appears bringing along many allies. With their powers combined, they try to defeat Sora while, at the same time, reviving fallen comrades, which makes these Heartless experts in teamwork. Leave one alive and it will call new allies, so it's a good idea to stay on your toes until the very end.

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