Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days Ultimania Birth by Sleep Speculation

The connection between Roxas and Ventus 
On Day 353, Xigbar looks at Xion, who's showing her face, and sees a main character from BbS, the boy Ventus who looks just like Roxas. Does the fact that Xion, who's drawing on Roxas' power, looks like Ventus mean there's some kind of deep connection between them?

Xigbar asks why "Ven" always glares at him.

Is the 'him' that always glares at Xigbar Ventus, rather than Roxas?

The "room" Xemnas is searching for 
Xemnas is searching for The Room of Awakening which seems to be in Castle Oblivion, something that Saix and Xigbar know about too. What could be the secret of this room, where it is said that 'one more friend' is sleeping, as opposed to the Room of Sleep in KH2FM?

In KH2FM, Xemnas calls the armour in the Room of Sleep that resembles Aqua, "friend."

What about Xemnas' murmur, "So you're still sleeping�" while looking over the unconscious Roxas on Day 27?

The principle behind being able to use the Keyblade 
In this game, Roxas learns to dual wield on Day 358. Previously he'd been one of those able to use Keyblades. When you consider that he fought and defeated Xion, you may think that afterwards he was able to use Xion's too, but it seems there is another reason. Nomura has said that "The ability to use the Keyblade will be made clear in BbS" - what could it be...? 

Roxas, dual wielding at the end of the game. It seems in BbS we'll also understand how Kairi could use the Keyblade.

The names of the remaining five Organization members 
This time, Axel's real name was revealed, but the names of Saix and numbers IX to XII remain a mystery. How will the names of these remaining five Organization members be revealed?

Apart from the six people who created the Organization, Roxas, Axel and Xion, real names remain unclear.

Axel and Saïx's "plan"? 
That Axel and Saïx  are old friends, and that Axel dealt with senior members of the Organization in order to move Saïx  "up", were revealed in this game. So, just what was their plan?

The two oppose each other in KH2, but it seems like they were working towards the same plan in the past.

Roxas' "heart" 
Roxas, who exhibits emotions like a human, is even asked by Axel if he actually has a heart. The other Organization members show many times through their behaviour that they have nothing but the appearance of emotions. Roxas is a Nobody, a "being without a heart", but do he and the other Organization members really not have hearts? Will hints about this be revealed in BbS too?

Roxas cries as he watches Xion disappear. Is it because he has a heart that he's able to cry...?

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