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Noise Tattoo Design - April 18 2008

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1. Why did you choose animal skeletons to define the tattoo shapes?
Hasegawa-san: Artwork in this title is not based on polygons, and I was looking for an art form that can be expressed effectively in two dimensions. I came up with the tattoo style as a solution because it is meant for a flat surface. I used animals’ bone structures to let the tattoo designs stand out from the overall silhouette. Also, I personally like the skeletal shapes.

2. Birds are usually defined by their wings; why did you choose to focus on the head and talons?
In creating each Noise, the team began by finalizing the method by which it attacks the player. Then, with that concept we designed a tattoo for the part the Noise uses to attack.
3. What animal is the design in the bottom-right of the image based on?
It is a bear. Any tattoo that’s facing forward is a symbol. We categorized Noise into groups, and designed a symbol that would represent each group as a whole.

4. Why did you choose the tribal tattoo style for noise designs? Were there other styles you considered?
We wanted to maintain a consistent style throughout the game. We also thought that the tribal motif would be perfect for the DS because it is expressed in solid shapes without a lot of fine detail.

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