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Noise are creatures manifested from souls bound to pins that dwell between the Realground (RG) and the Underground (UG). Their unique existences in between these two planes allow them to influence both, with their literal presence in the UG and their indirect influence over thoughts and emotions in the RG. Throughout his time in the Reaper's Game, Neku and his partners encounter many types and forms of Noise. What others lie in wait in and out of Shibuya?


Powerful legs propel this hop-happy Noise around, and lend a biting edge to its kick!


The trick to besting the bubbles these frogs spew lies in the other zone's Noise!


Adapted to absorb short-range attacks, these frogs will regain health with every slash!


Long-range attacks heal these freaky frogs. Take them out at point blank with a blade!


Don't try licking these poisonous frogs! Even a touch will leave you hurting!


Only found at the Shibuya River, these frogs belch out a massive batch of bubbles.


Be prepared—this rare and elusive frog will absorb both pos and neg psychs!


This fierce amphibian's stats make it king among frog (Noise) princes. Don't kiss him off!


The Taboo frog. Its foamy spray hides a single, differently-colored lethal bubble!


These tadpoles often accompany frog Noise. If they latch on, they'll slow you down.


Red, poisonous tadpole Noise. Stay away from their poison grip if you value your HP!

Garage Wolf

These speedy wolves favor headlong tackles. Only the quick will get these curs to heel!

Alterna Wolf

Attack these golden wolves as they begin their lightning quick charge, or brace for impact!

Grunge Wolf

Taboo wolves charge at prey with a mach tackle that does more than just hurt...

Mosh Grizzly

Massive bears with tattoos for arms. The pain they deal is as hardcore as the tats.

Circle Pit Grizzly

These ashen-furred bears let loose a furious howl that vastly increases their strength!

Wall of Grizzly

The Taboo grizzly employs a fierce dual-clawed attack to tear its prey to ribbons!

Gabba Bat

These bats are red as blood. Hang out in dark places and they'll go after yours!

Happycore Bat

Tinged a midnight purple, these bats nip ravenously at your neck, sucking away your HP!

Thrash Mink

The mink Noise floats in midair. Its powerful claws attack with the wind itself.

Death Thrash Mink

This hyperactive mink likes to twist itself into a whirlwind before smashing into you!

Grindcore Mink

This duo stirs up giant twisters strong enough to send their surroundings flying.

Death Metal Mink

The Taboo mink. Like an obsidian gale, it demolishes everything in its path.

Shrew Wave

These subterranean sneaks can appear anywhere. Watch their timing and whack'em!

Shrew Gazer

These shrew Noise leap headlong at prey with razor claws, then make new holes to hide in.

J Popguin

These penguins move in groups, waiting for their leader's cue to attack.

Electro Popguin

These avian Noise direct the J popguin assault. Defeat them, and their troops fall into chaos!

Brit Popguin

As lord of the 'guins, this emperor penguin often turns up with electro popguins in tow.

Jelly Madchester

Leave these jellyfish Noise alone for long, and it's math time as they divide and multiply!

Jelly Swechno

Splitting jelly madchesters may produce these mutants. They sometimes drop rare pins!

Jelly Neocoustic

Let this jelly violate your space, and that obscene tentacle may start violating your HP!

Jelly Germanic

Jelly neocoustics may split into these fiends. Some folks wait around just to see one...

Hard Corehog

These hedgehog Noise loose a shower of quills that explode a short time later.

Emo Corehog

These hedgehogs stick to dark places. Get too close, and they'll be sticking you!

Melodi Corehog

Achtung!" shout the blue and gold stripes on these 'hogs. One quill per salvo comes in XL!

Classic Corehog

Marked in slate blue and green, these 'hogs launch quills at Neku with sniper precision!

Metal Corehog

It takes lightning reflexes to evade the bang these hedgehog Noise pack in their giant quills.

Chaoti Corehog

Quills from the Taboo corehog will detonate at random. Stay light on your feet!

Jungle Boomer

This kangaroo Noise gets a kick out of you... and leaves you reeling!

2-step Boomer

This kangaroo carries a baby in it's pouch... and that joey packs quite a punch!

Eurobeat Boomer

The Taboo boomer boasts a fearsome jump kick capable of penetrating any defense!


These shape-shifting foxes absorb human souls to grow in power, marked by additional tails.


These fox Noise can amass up to six tails. Who knows what odd forms they may take.


This fox Noise can grow as many as nine tails. But you had better pray it doesn't...

Doom Metal Drake

Wyvern Noise pair lethal strength with a breath attack capable of annihilating opponents.

Ragtime Drake

This wyvern fires a piercing blast of laser breath! When it begins gathering energy, run!

Goth Metal Drake

Sunset-stained tattoos mark this wyvern Noise which attacks with the force of a tidal wave.

Neoclassical Drake

The Taboo drake forgoes breath attacks in favor of its deadly wings and horns.

House Rhino

Attack this armored rhino Noise head-on and you'll bounce right off.

Minimal Rhino

The powerful horns on these guys slow them down. Slip behind them and kick some keister!

Dub Rhino

The gargantuan horn crowning these rhinos threatens to deal lethal damage to all it hits.

Trance Rhino

This taboo rhino is capable of an unrelenting succession of horn attacks.


This red crab Noise has sharp claws that will deliver more than just a friendly pinch!


This crab boasts an oversized claw adapted for tossing tough prey high into the air.


This crab Noise can use its claws to form an indestructible shield that nullifies all attacks.


The hefty bomerang claw this Noise flings demands quick reflexes not once, but twice.


The Taboo carcin waits behind an impervious shield, ready to counter any attack...


Crows dig shiny objects... like your pins. Watch out for these would-be pickpockets!


These flame-tinged crows arrive with signs and other scraps cluthed in their talons.


Space out andyou'll find yourself monkey in the  middle of these dark green birds.

Swing Shark

This squaliform menace can swim through any surface and eat other Noise to beef itself up.

Bebop Shark

This sawshark is capable of deadly jump attacks utilizing its long, sharp snout.

Fusion Shark

Hammer-horned and hungry, these shark Noise are able to pound out killer tsunamis!

Pachy R & R

A Noise of elephantine proportions. Even psychokinesis can't lift these mammoths!

Mammoth R & B

Pretty in pink, these baddies use their long trunks to attack from afar.

Woolly AOR

Huge tusks, ominous tats, and boy-crushing feet make this mammoth one to avoid!

Pig Samba

Take out this cute little pig before it runs away to snag a sweet pin!

Pig Cha-cha

A barrage of concentrated firepower is the only way to take this pink piggy out in time!

Pig Carol

You'll need the right pin to make like Cupid and get these porkers right through the heart.

Pig Salsa

Think fast to catch this dollar-signed pig!

Pig Jig

You'll have to spot the real deal if you hope to bring home the bacon from these pale pigs.

Pig Rhumba

These golden brown Pig Noise must exist in both combat zones, but... where!?

Pig Tango

These blood-red pigs are regular devils. It'll take some fancy moves to stop 'em!

Pig Polka

Watch your timing and think mirrors if you want to devil these hams!

Pig Butoh

This little piggy shows up ready to kick tail. Stay on your toes or risk getting slaughtered!

Pig Mazurka

Think you're lucky enough to find one of these? Ha! When pigs fly... Wait, what? You already did?

Vespertilio Canor

This massive bat reigns amid darkness. Shine light on the situation to turn the tables!

Pteropus Canor

More powerful than Vespertilio, but cursed with the same weakness. Light it up and strike!

Cornix Canor

Watch the shadow cast by this ruler of Noise ravens for a clue on when it'll attack!

Ovis Cantus

Higashizawa's Noise form. He can absorb all of Neku's psychs while inhaling!

Leo Cantus

Minamimoto's Noise form. When he starts his combo rush, keep running and wait for an opening!

Tigris Cantus

Konishi's Noise form. She can manipulate her shadow at will. If you're clever, you can turn that against her!

Anguis Cantus

Kitaniji's Noise form. His head is vulnerable, so use teamwork and focus your attack there!

Draco Cantus

Kitaniji's dragon form after integrating Joshua. Aim for the heads and finish it off!

Panthera Cantus

Hanekoma's Noise form. This ultimate existence, both lion and tiger, demands your full force!

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