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"Joshua" Pose digitization - April 08 2008

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1. What physical feature is most important in conveying a character’s mood or emotions?

Kobayashi-san: There are many body parts that are important in conveying mood or emotion, but I personally focus on the eyes and mouth. They are the parts that reveal the most subtle changes in a person’s mood, so I keep revising until I am pleased with what I have drawn.

2. Which features are most carefully turned into pixel art in order to maintain the intended mood or emotion? 

I would have to say the character’s facial expression. I paid extra attention so that every subtle overtone is well-described.

3. For the sketches marked “r_004,” what was behind the decision to choose one hand resting on Joshua’s chin versus the other?

I tried many variations in order to see which would match the character exactly, though I honestly don’t recall exactly what I was thinking at that moment.

4. Knowing that the total number of poses in the game is limited, how do you decide upon a few?

First, event designers presented scenes and the total numbers of poses they needed. With those in mind I designed poses that would be applicable to many different situations, since we could use only a few for each character into the game.

5. What did you hope to convey with Joshua’s conservative style?

Nomura-san: I didn’t approach Joshua any differently from the others. Instead, I tried to ensure that every character had his or her own style.

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