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Who do you prefer to play as in Kingdom Hearts 3D?

Sora - 100%
Riku - 0%

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NEO: The World Ends With You features 51 trophies: 1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 9 Silver, 40 Bronze.

This Trophy Ends with You Collected all Graffiti.
Survivor Completed the Final Day of Week 1.
Fortnight Completed the Final Day of Week 2.
Game Over Completed the Final Day of Week 3.
Bonus Round Completed Another Day.
Secret Sleuth Collected all Secret Reports.
Beginner's Luck Won your first battle.
Risk vs. Return Won an 8-reduction chain battle.
High-Stakes Hijinks Won a 20-reduction chain battle.
Killer Remix Erased a group of Noise using a Killer Remix.
In Perfect Sync Landed enough Beatdrop Combos to boost your Groove above 200%.
Hunter Took down 1,500 enemies.
Punisher Took down 3,000 enemies.
Silencer Took down 6,000 enemies.
Master of the Enemies Took down every type of enemy.
Noise Know-It-All Collected 80% of all enemy dossiers.
Valued Customer Reached VIP Level 5 with a brand.
Super Shopper Reached VIP Level 5 with 8 brands.
Favorite Customer Reached VIP Level 5 with every brand.
Fashionista Purchased every type of fashion item.
Full Tummy, Happy Heart Exceeded 100% Fullness.
Familiar Face Became a restaurant regular.
Gourmand About Town Became a regular at 8 restaurants.
Famous Foodie Became a regular at every restaurant.
Experimental Eater Ordered one of every food item.
Dress-Up Debut Wore a full outfit.
Brand Ambassador Wore a full outfit using a single brand.
Passion 4 Fashion Wore a party's worth of full outfits.
You Wear It Well Unlocked all of a full outfit's abilities.
Super Stylish Wore a full outfit of clothing whose abilities all require over 100 Style.
Made of Money Possessed ¥999,999.
All Grown Up Reached Level 100.
My First Pin Mastered one type of pin. 
Ten Pin Master Mastered 10 types of pins.
Play to Pin Mastered 30 types of pins.
Pin Pincher Mastered 50 types of pins.
Pins Aplenty Mastered 100 types of pins.
Plethora of Pins Mastered 200 types of pins.
Pin Perfection Mastered 300 types of pins.
Full House Equipped a 6-pin set.
True Pinthusiast Collected all pins.
Viva la Evolution Evolved a pin.
No Music, No Life Collected all CDs.
Theraperfect Earned gold medals in 15 Dive missions. 
Rise of the Pig King Erased all Pig Noise.
Photographic Memory Completed all Remind images.
Sultan of Slam Earned all Scramble Slam rewards.
City Walker Visited all areas of Shibuya.
Social Butterfly Connected your entire social network.
Skill Savvy Collected all social network rewards.
Bring the Noise! Completed the Final Time Trial.

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