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Food Guide

The Wicked Twisters can't play the Reapers' Game on an empty stomach! Fill up on some tasty treats at any of Shibuya's fine establishments to get permanent stat increases for HP, ATK, DEF and Style. Be sure to have some self-control though; the team can only eat so much before they have to go work off those calories in battle.

Hachiko Café  Scramble Crossing
Hachiko Blend
¥520 / 80 Calories / ATK+1

A cup of joe brewed from a unique blend of beans from Central and South America. Praised by coffee aficionados for its light mouthfeel and rich aftertaste.
*Specific blend subject to change

Café au Lait
¥750 / 140 Calories / Style+1

A café staple that blends espresso coffee with warm milk–what's not to love? Slightly less milk than other places, perhaps, but Hachiko believes that bitter is better.
*Stencil art subject to change

Iced Cold Brew
¥520 / 80 Calories / DEF+1

A cup of coffee made from lightly-roasted beans with a fresh, fruity aroma. Cold pressed to reduce bitterness, this blend washes over you like a summer breeze.
*Amount of ice subject to change

Iced Café au Lait
¥620 / 120 Calories / DEF+2

A cup of cold brew blended with low-calorie, lowfat milk that ads a rich smoothness without detracting from the coffee's natural aroma.
*Milk-to-coffee ratio subject to change

Ice Cream Float
¥800 / 230 Calories / HP+2   DEF+2

This café staple tastes as refreshing as it looks. You could eat the ice cream first, but then it's just a melon soda with a cherry, and where's the fun in that?
*Size of scoop subject to change

BLT Sandwich
¥980 / 410 Calories / HP+8   ATK+1

A popular menu item that combines three perennial favorites: bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Bacon is lightly fried just before assembly for extra aroma.
*Inclusion of tomato subject to change

SKO Sandwich
¥880 / 450 Calories / HP+8   DEF+2

A savory dessert that nestles fresh strawberry, kiwi, and orange among waves of whipped cream and crams it all between two slices of bread. Quite photogenic.
*Amount of cream subject to change

Chocolate Chunk Scone
¥320 / 320 Calories / HP+4   Style+1

A sweet treat baked fresh in-house before opening. Bursting with bitter chocolate, this confection crumbles in your mouth and goes perfectly with a hot cup of joe.
*Number of chunks subject to change

Chicken Soup Curry
¥1,480 / 960 Calories / HP+10   ATK+4   Style+2

A Sapporo specialty made from a hybrid of pork-and-chicken stock and a bonito-infused seafood soup. Add some chicken, a hearty helping of veggies, and a panoply of spices, and you've got yourself a meal!
*Level of heat subject to change

Justice Burger  Scramble Crossing
Hero Hamburger
¥270 / 340 Calories / HP+4   DEF+1

A menu mainstay since the franchise's establishment, this ground beef patty is grilled to perfection and sandwiched between two natural yeast buns alongside farm-fresh organic veggies.

Cheesy Champion
¥420 / 450 Calories / HP+6   DEF+2

This burger isn't a champion in name only: it's also JB's most popular menu item–and with good reason. Featuring two patties and extra cheese, this sandwich is a hungry meat-lover's dream.

Fearless Fishwich
¥360 / 380 Calories / HP+4   DEF+2

This sandwich features a freshly-fried pollock fillet smothered in a refreshingly tart homemade tartar sauce. Hardcore JB fans note the acidity of the lemon and pickles is what truly ties this dish together.

Freedom Fries
¥240 / 300 Calories / HP+6

These delectable sticks are cut from unskinned potatoes and fried twice–first at a low temperature, then high–to give them that irresistible "crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside" texture.

Superhero Soda
¥210 / 250 Calories / DEF+2   Style+1

This super-carbonated soft drink is the perfect complement to any Justice Burger sandwich. The extra fizz is sure to shock your system and set your mouth atingle!

Justice Juice
¥210 / 210 Calories / DEF+2

More sweet than sour, this soft drink pairs surprisingly well with the menu's meatier items. Made from 100% real juice, squeezed from real oranges grown on real farms! (Really!)

Justice Burger
¥777 / 777 Calories / HP+8   ATK+2   DEF+2

An extra-special wagyu sandwich created in commemoration of the franchise's 30th anniversary that now enjoys a permanent spot on the menu. Can you conquer this behemoth burger?

Glutton 4 Gluten  Center Street
Dandan Noodles
¥880 / 680 Calories / HP+9   ATK+3

Served in a flavorful white sesame soup, this dish's combination of spicy chili oil and Japanese pepper help bring out the gentle flavor of its true star: black pepper. One for true ramen enthusiasts.

Topsy-Turvy Noodles
¥980 / 720 Calories / HP+7   ATK+4

An original recipe unique to G4G that combines two different types of oil noodle dishes. Savor the taste of ultra-thick noodles coated in a secret sauce that's been passed down through the generations.

Dark Dandan Noodles
¥980 / 760 Calories / HP+5   ATK+4   DEF+2

An alternative take on the G4G standard, this dish feaures a rich black sesame soup that you won't soon forget. The minced pork is marinated in a spicy blend of garlic, ginger, and pepper to give it a satisfying kick.

Sinful Noodles
¥1,280 / 1000 Calories / HP+9   ATK+3   DEF+2   Style+1

The thickest noodles in town served in a pork-bone broth alongside chunky slices of roasted pork fillet and plenty of pork fat for good measure. Contains an adult male's recommended daily calorie intake and then some! Truly, the guiltiest of pleasures.

SBY BBQ – Tipsy Tose Hall

Rotisserie Chicken
¥980 / 800 Calories / HP+11   ATK+3

This free-range chicken goes into a custom-made roaster and comes out practically brimming with juice. Best enjoyed in sandwich form, topped with SBY BBQ's homemade relish and cole slaw.

Whole Hog BBQ
¥3,980 / 900 Calories / HP+16   ATK+3   DEF+4

The symbol of SBY BBQ, this piglet is roasted to perfection, from its crispy skin to its sweet and succulent meat. Served atop a bed of veggies, this dish is sure to leave a tasty impression!

Churrasco Skewer
¥880 / 500 Calories / HP+2   ATK+2   Style+3

A Brazillian barbecue dish comprised of a picanha steak, grilled rare and topped with a molho vinaigrette. (The chef doing the slicing and serving is quite the visual feast as well!)

Dry-Aged Beef Steak
¥1,980 / 700 Calories / HP+5   ATK+2   Style+5

This meat is aged in a freezer for a full month, then roasted on high heat to create a memorable dish with a nutty aroma and a rich flavor. Diners hoping to savor the Chateaubriand should note reservations can only be booked a year in advance.

Roasted Tuna Head
¥2,500 / 960 Calories / HP+10   DEF+8

A popular menu item that's sure to make a splash on social media. Don't let its appearance fool you: this oven-roasted head is more edible than you think, especially the meaty cheeks and the collagen-rich eye sockets!

Grilled Alligator
¥8,200 / 1200 Calories / HP+28   ATK+7   DEF+4   Style+1

Sourced directly from Australia, this roasted critter is rich in protein and low in calories. Some liken its texture to chicken, but true enthusiasts know nothing compares to freshly grilled 'gator.

Udagawa Parfait – Udagawa Backstreets
Fruit Cocktail
¥700 / 650 Calories / HP+6   DEF+3   Style+2

A popular parfait featuring a selection of seasonal fruits. Served atop layers of custard and topped with just a tasteful dollop of whipped cream so as to not detract from the fruit's natural flavors.

Dark Chocolate Dream
¥1,100 / 750 Calories / HP+4   ATK+4   Style+4

This decadent delight takes rich French chocolate ice cream and harmonizes it with a hazelnut whip. Bitter espresso jelly and subtly sour berry sauce on top combine to create a real treat for the refined palate.

Ruby Chocolate Delight
¥2,200 / 850 Calories / HP+7   ATK+2   Style+7

This parfait matches the fruity tartness of its ruby chocolate ice cream with a delightfully sour yogurt sauce, then tops it all off with a colorful cranberry drizzle. Destined to be the talk of Udagawa in no time!

Ladies' Night Parfait
¥3,300 / 999 Calories / HP+9   ATK+3   Style+9

A pretty parfait that tastes even better than it already looks. The chef encourages diners to start with the merengue on top and work their way down to the cassis sherbet below, but hey–it's your dessert. Eat it however you please!

Bubblevision – Spain Hill
Boba Milk Tea
¥420 / 400 Calories / HP+4   DEF+1   Style+1

A popular Taiwanese drink that blends a strong black tea with milk and tapioca pearls. These spongy "bubbles" are prepared from scratch every morning, giving them an unparalleled freshness.

Matcha Boba Latte
¥480 / 410 Calories / HP+2   DEF+1   Style+2

One of Bubblevision's most popular menu items, this drink doubles up on its flavor kick of green tea, mixing it in with the milk as well as kneading it into the tapioca pearls. What'll they think of next?

Strawberry Boba Latte
¥480 / 480 Calories / HP+2   DEF+2   Style+2

This creamy concoction combines rich Taiwanese tea with freshly blended strawberries and fruit-flavored tapioca pearls. A sweet treat that appeals to cucstomers of all ages.

Mango Boba Latte
¥480 / 480 Calories / HP+2   DEF+1   Style+3

A decadent drink that balances the full-bodies sweetness of 100% real mango purée with the more austere taste of Taiwanese tea. It won't linger on your tongue, but it will have you craving another cup.

Muscovado Boba Latte
¥800 / 780 Calories / HP+4   DEF+3   Style+3

The strong sweetness of Okinawan brown sugar pairs perfectly with the black tea base to create a complex flavor profile that rivals any finely crafted confection. Good to the very last pearl!

Chicken Curry
¥850 / 780 Calories / HP+12   ATK+2

A spicy dish that infuses South Indian curry with a Japanese broth. Astute diners will detect aromatic notes of coriander and cumin, as well as a special dusting of cloves added at the chef's insistence.

Dal Curry
¥850 / 750 Calories / HP+12   Style+2

The rich-yet-healthy dish that combines three types of dal–mung, masur, and chana–with fragrant fried onions to create a curry that the Don's diners will savor down to the very last spoonful.

Fish Curry
¥850 / 760 Calories / HP+12   DEF+2

This South Indian dish delivers two types of fresh mackerel in a curry that balances the tartness of tamarind and tomato against the mellow sweetness of coconut, with tempered curry leaf and mustard seed adding some extra aroma.

Triple Triad Plate
¥1,500 / 888 Calories / HP+3   ATK+3   DEF+3   Style+3

Sample all three of the Don's famous curries with this single plate–perfect for the indecisive diner. Optionally topped with crispy cheese and roast pork, but just as tasty without.

Japanified Biryani
¥1,200 / 800 Calories / HP+12   ATK+1   DEF+1   Style+1

This Japanese twist on the traditional Indian dish infuses a bowl of mixed rice with bonito broth and keema-style mussels and scallops. Mix in a variety of condiments to create a chain reaction of flavor–and don't forget the spicy miso soup on the side!

Moyai Mart – West Exit Bus Terminal
Pickled Plum Onigiri
¥115 / 180 Calories / HP+4

A convenience store staple known as one of Japan's most famous fast foods. This rice ball contains two plums for the price of one–the kind of deal only Moyai Mart can provide!

Salmon Onigiri
¥140 / 200 Calories / HP+5

This rice ball is quite literally bursting with flakes of fragrant salmon, first preserved in salt, then air-dried to enhance the flavor. You won't get more yum for your yen anywhere else!

Between-Act Bento
¥399 / 550 Calories / HP+7   DEF+2

A cast of scrumptious sidekicks like fried prawn, scrambled egg, and stewed root veggies surround this lunch box's superstar: a grilled salmon fillet. Tasty enough to earn a standing ovation!

Fried Chicken
¥180 / 250 Calories / HP+4   ATK+1

(Word to the wise: if it ain't fresh from the fryer, throw it back on the rack!)

Potato Chips
¥108 / 300 Calories / HP+3   DEF+1

A bag of Hokkaido crisps, cut thick and fried to crunchy perfection. The "best enjoyed by" date isn't just a suggestion: Moyai Mart takes unsold bags off the shelves to ensure customers enjoy only the freshest snacks.

Bowl of Oden
¥520 / 520 Calories / HP+2   ATK+2   DEF+1   Style+1

This seasonal soup enjoys extreme popularity among Moyai Mart patrons. Some even throw in a plain onigiri to soak up the bonito-infused broth and enjoy it as a makeshift risotto-on-the-go.

Donburi Town – Center Street
Matsuzaka Beef Bowl
¥1,280 / 720 Calories / HP+12   ATK+2

A luxurious meal contianing more marbled Matsuzaka beef than you could shake a stick at. Your tastebuds will delight the second this high-grade meat touches your tongue. Beef bowls don't get better than this.

Toyosu Seafood Bowl
¥1,680 / 680 Calories / HP+12   ATK+2   DEF+1

An unparalleled bowl practically overflowing with a selection of the fattiest tuna and other fine seafood, sourced fresh from Toyosu Fish Market every morning and expertly arranged by the head chef himself.

Hokkaido Bounty Bowl
¥1,480 / 750 Calories / HP+12   DEF+3

A primo bowl featuring two of Hokkaido's finest delicacies: thick slices fo creamy sea urchin, and delectable little globules of salmon roe. One bite of briny goodness will whisk you away to the isle up north.

Tokyo Roast Beef Bowl
¥1,480 / 750 Calories / HP+12   ATK+2   Style+1

A meaty bowl filled with juicy slices of beef roasted to aromatic perfection. Served with a side of watercress and wasabi-infused sour cream to cleanse your palate and add some oomph to your umami.

Nagoya Eel Bowl
¥1,980 / 700 Calories / HP+9   DEF+2   Style+3

A popular bowl featuring eel prepared Nagoya-style: grilled, not steamed. Enjoy your first serving with sweet soy sauce, your second with wasabi and scallions, and your third with a splash of soup.

Grand Slam Meat Bowl
¥2,900 / 999 Calories / HP+10   ATK+3   DEF+3   Style+3

A legendary bowl boasting an all-star lineup of nine varieties of meat assembled from all over Japan: beef, pork, chicken, mutton, duck, venison, boar, bear, and rabbit. A carnivore's dream come true!

Mixed Chopped Salad
¥850 / 440 Calories / HP+4   DEF+3

A special bowl containing roughly 200% of your daily recommended intake of leafy greens. Drizzled with a homemade dressing tasty enough to entice even the veggie-averse.

Avocado Toast
¥750 / 460 Calories / HP+3   DEF+4

A piece of thick-cut bread slathered in a special-made mayo, toasted in the oven, then topped with a whole avocado so rich you won't believe it's not lard. (Really–it's not!)

Veggie Soup Special
¥800 / 250 Calories / HP+4   DEF+2

A seasonal broth brimming with diced carrots, potatoes, and other root vegetables. This guilt-free bowl is low in calories, so feel free to eat your fill and then some.

Green Smoothie
¥550 / 140 Calories / DEF+1

Spinach, kale,, and other leafy greens are blended with apples, oranges, and a squirt of lemon juice to create this vitamin-rich power drink. An excellent breakfast substitute.

Açaí Smoothie
¥600 / 250 Calories / DEF+2   Style+1

This tasty treat blends a handful of super-nutritious açaí with some of its berry breathren and a splash of milk to create a drink that's rich in iron, polyphenols, and of course flavor.

Air in a Can
¥4,280 / 428 Calories / Style+6

A taste of the Shibuya skies, sampled from 300 feet above the city and triple filtered for extra purity. Makes for a neat souvenir even though it's, y'knowjust air.

Asia Fantasia – TOKYU PLAZA
Cheesy Corndog
¥400 / 350 Calories / HP+4   DEF+2

A popular Korean street food made of melty mozzarella cheese wrapped in a sweet corn coating. Top it with ketchup, mustard, maple syrup–whatever condiment calls to you!

Banana Tigim
¥480 / 380 Calories / HP+2   DEF+3

This Korean dessert features a fried banana that melts in your mouth and pairs perfectly with a good chocolate drizzle. One viral blog post away from becoming a foodie phenom.

Pani Puri Plate
¥700 / 400 Calories / HP+1   ATK+3   Style+1

These tiny dough balls are fried, then filled with bean paste and a sour soup to create a bite-sized treat that's fun to eat. Pop a couple pani puri, and it's party time!

Takoyaki Tray
¥650 / 400 Calories / HP+3   ATK+3

Perhaps the most popular of Osaka's street foods, these octopus balls are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Be sure to add some mayonnaise–it's just better here.

Xiaolongbao Set
¥1,000 / 750 Calories / ATK+4   Style+4

This dim sum satple wraps minced pork into little dumplings, then steams them in a bamboo basket. Dine with caution, however: the savory soup inside might scald you!

fluffy 'n' sweet – MIYASHITA PARK

Muscat Grape Crepe
¥500 / 450 Calories / HP+2   Style+4

A seasonal crêpe filled with luxurious shine muscat grapes, then topped with a champagne-infused whipped cream for a little extra decadence. Cheers!

Very Berry Bouquet
¥500 / 450 Calories / HP+4   Style+3

This popular crêpe is positively bursting with fruit. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are gorgeously arranged atop a bed of rum-flavored whipped cream.

Farm-Fresh Cream Cone
¥490 / 500 Calories / HP+4   DEF+3

A soft serve cone made with all-natural milk sent straight from the dairy. Its smooth mouthfeel and refreshing sweetness make it impossible to pass up.

Chocolate Soft Serve
¥590 / 550 Calories / HP+6   ATK+3

This creamy treat boasts a bitter cacao flavor with a smooth aftertaste. With specially-selected caco beans ground into the cone as well, this dessert is truly good to the last bite.

Sweet Potato Swirl
¥800 / 700 Calories / HP+2   DEF+5   Style+1

Super-sweet satsuma potatoes are stone-roasted, then mashed up and blended into smooth, 100%-milk soft serve. Sprinkled with sugary fry bits because who doesn't like the bits!?

Tacos y Más Tacos – SHIBUYA STREAM
Hearty Beef Tacos
¥380 / 300 Calories / HP+2   ATK+1   DEF+1

This meaty Mexican dish features seared steak diced up and wrapped in an all-corn tortilla. Astute eaters will detect a smoky flavor from the roasted tomato-and-onion salsa.

Spicy Verde Tacos
¥580 / 400 Calories / HP+5   ATK+2

This meat-filled spinach tortilla is topped with chopped green chilies for a colorful dish that gives your tongue a refreshing tingle. Not recommended for amateur eaters.

Super Spicy Tacos
¥780 / 500 Calories / HP+5   ATK+3

A secret menu item reserved for regulars, this wrap is not for the untrained tongue. The salsa, made with a brutal blend of habanero and ghost peppers, is hot enough to have you crying out for madre.

Holy Mole Tacos
¥980 / 600 Calories / HP+6   ATK+4

The cacao-rich mole sauce and its exquisite blend of cinnamon, cloves, and other spices serve as perfect complements to the grilled chicken in this lavish dish. If you spot this on the lunch menu, consider yourself lucky!

Suzu Slurpz – Dogenzaka
Shoyu Ramen
¥680 / 680 Calories / HP+10   ATK+1   DEF+1

Suzu's chef starts with a simmered-chicken stock, then finishes by stirring in a harmonious blend of tamari and soy sauce–the perfect bath for some slightly-crimped noodles.

Salty Lemon Ramen
¥800 / 650 Calories / HP+7   ATK+1   Style+3

Don't let the translucent broth fool you: it's full of flavor, thanks to the unique combination of chicken, scallops, kelp, and five types of salt. The lively lemon accent is sure to brighten your day.

Miso Ramen
¥750 / 700 Calories / HP+6   ATK+2   DEF+2

Light on the palate but heavy on flavor, this bowl is one of Suzu's best. An extra bit of miso is caramelized and drizzled over the noodles just before serving for a smoky touch.

Spicy Miso Ramen
¥990 / 900 Calories / ATK+9

This bowl's namesake provides a smooth spiciness and a subtly savory flavor. Add some scallions and a dash of sesame oil, and you've got a dish that's sure to have you coming back for more.

somedrinks – SHIBUYA STREAM
Orange Tea
¥410 / 120 Calories / DEF+1

The scent and sweetness of citrus give this dimbula tea a clean and refreshing finish. Enjoy the orange slices after your drink for an extra dose of vitamin C!

Berry Blend Tea
¥520 / 150 Calories / DEF+1   Style+1

A fruity tea drink that's honestly more fruit than tea. Perfectly preserved strawberries, raspberries,, and blueberries harmonize to create a drink good enough to call "dessert."

Orange Tea Fizz
¥600 / 220 Calories / ATK+1   DEF+1

A refreshing soda drink that hits the spot on a sweltering hot day. Throw in a few zesty lemon slices to stay extra cool for the summer!

Bubbly Berry Blend
¥800 / 350 Calories / ATK+2   DEF+1   Style+2

A delicious soda drink with a gorgeous rouge color. The secret to bringing out the berries' juicy sweetness is a dash of strawberry vinegar–just don't tell anyone!

Crowned Curry – Dogenzaka
Non-Vegetarian Thali
¥980 / 680 Calories / HP+5   ATK+2   DEF+3

This North Indian platter features chicken, mutton, and other meaty curries alongside both naan and roti. Nuts and cream also play a role in enriching these dishes.

Banana Leaf Banquet
¥1,280 / 720 Calories / HP+6   ATK+1   DEF+4

This South Indian platter highlights vegetarian sambar and the hot-and-sour rasam, serving them with rice. Mix in the sides or enjoy them separately–it's up to you!

Masala Dosa
¥880 / 600 Calories / HP+7   ATK+1   DEF+2

An Indian crêpe-like snack made from a fermented batter of rice and lentils, stuffed with spicy potatoes, and then served with sambar and chutney.

Chicken Biryani
¥980 / 500 Calories / HP+4   ATK+1   DEF+3

An Indian rice dish featuring layers of basmati rice and chicken gravy cooked together in a special oven. Often mixed and enjoyed with raita, but totally tasty on its own as well.

Vegetarian Thali
¥1,680 / 800 Calories / HP+10   ATK+2   DEF+3

This North Indian platter caters to non-carnivorous folks by providing an unbelievably savory meal that won't leave you feeling overly full afterward.

Kyoto Sweets – Shibuya Hikarie

Anko Dango Skewer
¥550 / 450 Calories / HP+8   Style+1

These exquisite balls of mochi are topped with a rich red bean paste nearly twenty years in the making. The impeccable balance of sweet and savory is impossible to beat.

Zunda Dango Skewer
¥580 / 380 Calories / HP+5   DEF+1   Style+1

This delightfully colorful dessert was added to the menu after the founder visited Sendai. The edamame are ground by hand to preserve the proper flavor and texture.

Crispylicious Taiyaki
¥650 / 420 Calories / HP+3   ATK+1   Style+2

This fish-shaped snack bears no gustatory resemblance to the seabream after which it's modeled. Choose red bean filling for a sweet treat, or cheese for a savory snack.

Creamy Matcha Anmitsu
¥850 / 600 Calories / HP+5   DEF+2   Style+2

Gently boiled Hokkaido azuki beans and springy spheres of mochi decorate this delectable dish featuring soft serve drizzled with a thick matcha sauce.

Triple Matcha Parfait
¥1,300 / 720 Calories / HP+6   DEF+2   Style+3

This decadent dessert builds upon its predecessor by adding green tea-flavored ice cream and bavarois, creating a multi-dimensional matcha experience that will have other diners green with envy.

Cutie☆Pies– Takeshita Street
Fluffy Pancake Stack
¥900 / 600 Calories / HP+7   Style+3

Dripping with a rich cashew cream, these super-soft soufflé-cakes melt in your mouth. Served with a variety of fruits to make this pleasure feel a little less guilty.

Chocolate Pancake Stack
¥1,200 / 700 Calories / HP+5   ATK+2   Style+3

A stack of fluffy soufflé-cakes covered in chocolate cream. Lighter on sweetness and lower in calories than they would appear, so don't hesitate to order a second plate!

Creamy Berry Shaved Ice
¥1,000 / 650 Calories / HP+2   DEF+4   Style+3

A lightly sweetened frozen treat that's flufffier than you might expect. The tangy strawberry sauce complements the condensed milk and sets diners' hearts aflutter.

Chocomint Shaved Ice
¥1,000 / 650 Calories / HP+2   DEF+3   Style+4

Milky mint-flavored ice is shaved into a fine powder, then mixed with crushed mint and drizzled with a rich bitter chocolate sauce for a sweet treat perfect for a hot summer day.

Mango Shaved Ice
¥1,300 / 900 Calories / HP+2   DEF+6   Style+3

This frozen treat celebrates the full-bodied sweetness of ripe mango by utilizing the tropical fruit in every element of the dish, from the ice on the bottom to the whip on top.

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