Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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In order to survive the Reaper's Game, Rindo and his friends must utilize various powers called "Psychs," available to them in the form of Pins. Each pin is custom designed, providing not only unique abilities but also a fresh and trendy addition to their everyday attire. 


No.278: Shockwave
△ Rapid-tap / 48 / None / Lv3

Shockwave: Close in on your target and slice them. Keep attacking to unleash a fierce forward slash that knocks the enemy back.

Beatdrop: Finisher - Strike again after landing the combo finisher.

No.279: Force Rounds
□ Rapid-tap / 48 / None / Lv3

Force Rounds: Fire rounds at the target. Keep attacking to blast the enemy with a bullet that knocks them back.

Beatdrop: Finisher: Strike again after landing the combo finisher.

No.280: Firestorm
[L2] Hold / 55 / Fire / Lv3

Firestorm: Stir up a small whirlpool of fire around the target that damages any foes caught inside. Wherever the target goes, this storm swiftly follows. Chance of slightly burning the enemy.

Beatdrop: Firesurge - Strike again when the enemy is burning.

No.281: Just Keep Swimin'!
△ Rapid-tap / 597 / Water / Lv10

Vortex Saber: Close in on your target and slice them. Keep attacking to leap into the air and bring your weapon down, then unleash a whirling slash that knocks back enemies in a wide area. Engraved with the words, "Did I leave the lights on?"

Beatdrop: Finisher - Strike again after landing the combo finisher.

No.282: What a Shock!
□ Rapid-tap / 597 / Electric / Lv10

Psychic Storm: Summon bolts of lightning to strike the target and surrounding enemies. Chance of moderately shocking the enemy. Engraved with the words, "Do you hear that music?"

Beatdrop: Electrowave - Strike again when the enemy is shocked.

No.283: Stop the Music!
[L1] Charge / 597 / Burst / Lv10

Patrol Rounds: Send 3 arching boomerangs hurtling at your target that explode on impact, damaging any in the area. Fully charge it to send the enemy flying. Engraved with the words, "Keep on swimmin'?"

Beatdrop: Big Bang - Strike again right after the enemy gets caught in the explosion.

No.284: Coochy-Coochy-Coo
[R2] Hold / 1193 / Poison / Lv3

Energy Rounds: Face the target and shoot poison needles in 3 directions. Keep attacking to release a mighty needle that knocks the enemy back. Chance of greatly poisoning the enemy.

Beatdrop: Finisher - Strike again afer landing the combo finisher.

No.285: Let's Have Fungis!
[R2] Hold / 726 / Water / Lv5

Spectral Swords: Disperse bubbles in 3 directions, including at the target, dealing damage to any struck. When a bubble strikes an enemy, it changes course and pursues a new target.

Beatdrop: Decuplet - Strike again after landing ten successful hits on a single target.

No.286: Handstandin' Panda
[R2] Hold / 1325 / Kinesis / Lv3

Psychokinesis: Draw in building debris, then use the Left Stick to roll it around and deal damage. Enemies will be sent flying on impact.

Beatdrop: Knockback - Strike again when the launched enemy hits a wall.

No.287: Exercisin' Gator
[R2] Hold / 1265 / Gravity / Lv3

Poltergeist: Seize the target and slam them down multiple times. Enemies will be knocked back on impact.

Beatdrop: Friendly Fire - Strike again after slamming one enemy into another.

No.288: Aw, That Shucks!
[L2] Hold / 0 / Time / Lv15

Inspiring Aura: Hold the button to slaw the flow of time.

Beatdrop: Patience - Strike again slightly after unleashing this psych.

No.289: Holy Guacamole!
[L2] Hold / 1326 / Fire / Lv3

Guardian Glaives: Conjure flaming swords to protect the wearer and deal damage to any foe that comes in contact. Chance of greatly burning the enemy.

Beatdrop: Fireseurge - Strike again when the enemy is burning.

No.290: Thanks Very Mochi!
[R2] Hold / 575 / Gravity / Lv3

Snare Trap: Seize all enemies to stop their movement.

Beatdrop: Wirebound - Strike again after the enemy has been tied up.

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