Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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In order to survive the Reaper's Game, Rindo and his friends must utilize various powers called "Psychs," available to them in the form of Pins. Each pin is custom designed, providing not only unique abilities but also a fresh and trendy addition to their everyday attire. 

Angelic Kick


Strike your target with an aerial kick. Fully charge it to send the enemy flying.



Close in on your target and slice them. Keep attacking to unleash a fierce forward slash, then leap into the air and bring your weapon down to knock the enemy back.

Glacial Getaway

Classical Cacophany


A pin that allows you to use "Dynamite Darts," which fire arrows that explode within a time delay. If you shoot a certain number of arrows quickly, a huge explosion will occur immediately.

ShoGun Void

A pin that creates a trip wire that damages and binds enemies it touches. It works well when used with other psychs.

The Great Volcanic Escape

A pin that places a time bomb at your feet. Pay attention to the timing of the explosion to launch a follow-up attack.

Sugar Beam


Allows the wearer to use Force Rounds, a ranged psych that shoots barrages of eight bullets, the last of which is a piercing shot.

Grin Reaper

Grants the psych Heavy Slugger, which uses massive fists to pummel the Noise. Hit the button repeatedly for high-speed punches!

Marvelous Crash

Contains the Meteor Strike psych. Hold down the button to summon a giant boulder, then release to slam it down on an enemy’s head!

In the Snipeline

A pin that will fire “Homing Rockets,” a series of missiles that chase after your enemies. Change targets while charging to lock onto multiple foes.

Heartful Hot Dog

A pin that activates “Protective Field,” a barrier that temporarily nullifies incoming attacks while damaging any enemies it touches.


A pin that unleashes “Patrol Rounds,” a flock of bird-like boomerangs that fly toward your enemies before returning back to you.

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