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Harry Potter and the Seven Angels of Death


Raiton Kensei

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Jan 25, 2006
Yo mamma house
Name: Alexandria Kenton

Age/Year: 16/ 7th Year

Gender: Female

Physical Description: 5ft 6inch 115lbs, Light brown skin with light brown eyes, long black hair that flows slightly past her shoulders with a purple strip in the front of her hair, very attractive, athletic female body, has three peircings in each ear, and wears glasses.

House: Ravenclaw

Head Boy/Girl: Head Girl of Ravenclaw

Personality: Alexandria is a smart girl. She has goals in life that she strives to accomplish. She will not let anyone push her or her friends around. She is very competitive with everything. Believes everything happnes for a reason and always looks at the bright side.

Biography: Alexandria comes from a famous wizard family. Her father being an ex- Auror and, her mother being a muggle but knows of the magical world and things in it. Her family is from America but because Hogwarts is such a great school her parents sends her overseas every year to learn from there.

Since her first year she has been doing good in school. Never getting below a B in any of her classes. Her hard work comes form her not wanting to disappoint her father. She is well known within the Ravenclaw house and around Hogwarts both. As this is her final year in school, she hopes to do her all time best at everything.

Miscellaneous Information: She wants to play professional Quiditch for the American team. It is her favorite sport.

Name: Alexander Kenton

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Rank: 3

Transfiguration: Snow Leopard

Physical Description: 6ft tall, 180 lbs, muscular athletic body, looks younger than his age, bald with thick black eyebrows, light brown skin with light brown eyes (almost yellow), handsome, has a black goatee.

Personality: Over protective of family, smart mouth, quick thinker, sometimes impatient, loving (only towards family), genius, rather do things the logical way

Biography: Alexander is an ex-Auror. He was one of the best American Aurors in history having brought down a number of dark wizards, witches, and other creatures down by himself. His daughter, Alexandria, goes to Hogwarts. His wife is a muggle.
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The Full Lotus
Jun 12, 2005
@ ThePromise....only positions taken as of now are Potions and Herbology.

Raiton and Evangeline are accepted. Now for Chromatic and then we'll start. Unless you guys want to start without him and let him come in whenever he's done.


Dec 30, 2009
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Hogwarts Staff

Name: Raymond Prescott
Age: 36
Subject: Defense Against The Dark Arts
Gender: Male
Head of House (First come first serve):
Physical Description: This, but in standard Hogwarts robes.

Raymond is an observer, and an all around brilliant listener. Since he was a student at Hogwarts once upon a time, he had always enjoyed getting to know his teachers, and now he enjoys getting to know the students. Although the option of choosing a House to Head was given, he did not want to seem biased towards anyone, and is still debating on taking a position. Having been a Gryffindor in the past, Raymond has always been praised for his courage and humility, even in tight situations. He gives much respect, and enjoys the use of sarcasm and the likes to defeat insults.

Born to Pureblood Presley and Miranda Prescott, Raymond was always fascinated about magic ever since he said the word. Ironically, it was his first word before 'mother' and 'father'. When he was old enough, his parents sent him to Hogwarts to learn more about the world around him. He missed them, but when he came home from school he wanted to tell them each and everything he knew. His teachers very much liked him, and he was always ready to answer a question and earn points for his House.

A couple decades later, Raymond had chosen to bestow knowledge into those that would inherit the wizarding world, and he chose to do it by teaching them magical defense, and the means of how it was performed, and what it protected against. From the basics, to the advanced, he was living proof that experience was a steady process. You don't get things right the first time.

Misc. Info:
Is highly skilled at deflecting spells with the mere flick of a wand, wordless.


Hogwarts Students
Name: Spencer Mactavish
Age/Year: 17 / 6th year

Physical Description ( A picture would do also):
Here he is but standard hogwarts
Head Boy/Girl (First come first serve):

As special as he's been told he is, and how kind, gentle, and brave he might be, Spencer only wanted to be ..average. That's right, just an average person at Hogwarts with nothing special about him. To him, being special was just a way to grab attention for yourself. Fame will eat you up and turn you into the worst kind of person, Gilderoy Lockheart was a prime example, and now he was a babbling buffoon who could only sign autographs no one wanted. He accepts compliments, and will take them with a grin, but he's sworn never to try and become famous for anything. Then again ..Fame kept your memory alive, didn't it?

Biography: Absolutely nothing special here. Born to a father that works hard at the Ministry of Magic, and a mother who spends time and home and works at her uncle's shop from time to time, Spencer noticed something special about the two. There was nothing overly special about them. They didn't need their faces on the Daily Prophet every hour of every minute, or interviews, or anything special. They lived their lives every day, and were perfectly happy with the way things were. Family outings, seeing Quidditch games, everything was casual, and he loved it.

When arriving at Hogwarts to learn, he specifically requested for Hufflepuff, ignoring the fact that Gryffindor was a good choice according to the hat. Even so, he wanted to be like his parents, live his life how he chose it, and be happy without any special titles. Hufflepuff had no real bravery, genius, or sinister thoughts about them. They were themselves, and stuck together, and he could appreciate that. Getting through school and dealing with cocky prats was a given, and he'd do it in his own way.

Miscellaneous Information:
Due to no one wanting to take the position, Spencer has taken the position of Quidditch Captain for the Hufflepuff Team. He had once been a Chaser, but the last Seeker had graduated and no Hufflepuff were able to take his position. So, he is now the Seeker for his team, and another Hufflepuff in his year, who had better teamwork skills that location, had taken his place as Chaser.

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Mar 2, 2009
Hopefully Upward Bound
The Bio may be a bit sketchy, but, regardless....

Name: 'Professor Reginald "Regi" Cross’
Age: 50
Gender: Male

Rank: 4

Transfiguration: Upon transfiguring into his animal state, Reginald takes upon the likeness of an owl, no different from the ones used for postal services. Standing at a slightly greater height than most others, his feathers deviate from most standards, being a gray-black mix. The owl's eyes are a shining, bright red. The best tell left when he transfigures is the form of a mushroom bowl gathering of feather on the top of his head. It's a transfiguration that grants him a boast worthy amount of input within the wizard world, being able to meld with messenger owls if need be, and siphon information on topics of interest from the prospective of those not in league with his order.

Wing Color: Consistent with his transfiguration, Reginald's wings are a mix of black and gray.

Physical Description: Reginald is a man of a lesser number of years put behind him, and looks more like someone that should be a student, rather than paling around with Dark Wizards. A smooth skin texture, with a healthy tone of Caucasian complexions forms the centerpiece of this effect. He stand at a rough height of 6'2'', bearing himself in a leaner, lankier physique. Between slightly unevenly spaced lavender colored eyes, sits a short, slightly crooked nose, upon which rests a pair of a modern, well styled glasses. His hair is light and straight, kept in a mushroom bowl style cut, with the backside extending farther down than the front (reaching about shoulder length). In the front it comes down passed his eyes, and is lined with a bleached blond-white hue.

Personality: Drawing from both recent experiences, and those that have come about from earlier in his life, working under the guise of other roles in both the Wizard world, and the Muggle world, Reginald fancies himself an actor. In fact, it's likely that, at times, he convinces himself of his position more than he can ever convince the people he's trying to meld with. Even so, he seems to be good at putting the masks when the times call for such action. it's a task that he takes on with significant gusto. Other than that, his unmasked demeanor tends to lean him towards a laid back 'psychotic' streak, expressed through darting eyes, and an awkwardly unsettling smile that never seems to cease. He follows that age-old adage, 'love what you do'. And he does his best to live accordingly. He also tends to supports the notion that if you act the part, you can get away with anything.

Given that Reginald is significantly older than he appears, the truth stands that he has been through more than he’d get credit for. Like his wandering persona, his lifetime from a home life, to school, and into his present gig, has been wild, encumbering (or attempting to encumber) just about any walk of life possible. For the most part, his goals were nonexistent, other than fooling around with others by putting on his masks. And for the most part, he had often managed to convince most people of anything. It would be this skill that gained him some notoriety within the walls of Hogwarts.

So the basics of it:

Upon entering the prestigious institution, his methods geared him towards overwhelming the teachers. HE didn’t really want to be there, but in all truth, he had to at least throw the instructional body off by doing his work. He excelled at doing so, managing to pull off a middle ranked graduation from the instruction. And naturally, along the way, he was placed within the fondness of most of the instructors present at the time (it was likely that Dumbledore was amongst the few to truly see through him).

While most wizards endeavored to travel the world as independents following their Hogwarts days, Reginald opted for a different course of action. He stayed behind watching as his friends, if they could be called as such, take their leave from Britain. There was but one thing on his mind: To continue to feed the lust he had developed for being an actor. As a start, he had fallen in with a group of muggles, putting on a few small-scale plays and the like. Under an assumed name, and forged back-story (with the aid of a few well performed Imperius Curses), he made a name for himself in the Muggle world as Christian Milner. Not too long after that he had broken into a personal spectrum of work as a muggle ‘magician’, receiving a reprieve for not actually revealing any significant secrets of wizardry.

Simultaneously, Reginald had slipped himself into the Wireless Radio Network of the wizard world, where he had become a success under yet another alias, Richie Greggs. His personality, multiple personalities, really, swelled him into the public scopes on all walks. But by the time that the first wizard war had reached its peak, he had been hoodwinked by the Death Eaters, and forced into committing acts of espionage against the Order of The Phoenix, and the Muggle government institutes. The curse seemed to have been a bit carelessly enacted, and left a permanent effect, to some extent, within his mind.

Despite knowing that it was only a matter of time before his voice got him into another scuffle with shady characters, Reginald continued his acting life. And for the increment of time between the end of the first wizarding war and the start of the second, he maintained himself within the underground of the wizard world. During the second war, he had seemed to vanish off of the radar completely, not resurfacing until Voldemort’s downfall. From that point, he resumed his life as a voice amongst wizards, and humans. But again, outside forces were well aware of what he was doing with his life, and managed to coax (and curse) him.

These people were the Angels of Death, looking for someone to act as a mole within the school of Hogwarts. Operating under his real name, under false credentials (bar of course his success as a student), he has taken up the position of transfiguration teacher.
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